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June 24, 2021

Including new themes for proven performers and new math models

WMS to highlight over 60 premium products at ICE 2013

(UK).- WMS Gaming, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, will feature an extensive portfolio of products at ICE 2013 next February 5-7. At stand S8-210 at Excel in London, the firm will demonstrate more than 60 new for-sale and premium games, covering all major digital distribution channels - online, social, casual and mobile – into an integrated gaming entertainment ecosystem.


ebastian Salat, President of International for WMS, said, “ICE 2013 will be a great showcase for our new games that provide international casino operators with products that address player preferences in their local markets. By combining player insights, detailed local market research and innovative technologies, our game developers have created compelling and imaginative gaming experiences that we expect will be met with a high level of player demand and thereby drive performance for our customers. We are confident that our ICE 2013 product line-up, which will feature over 60 new games, and the exciting new Game Chest Multi-Game series, will once again demonstrate WMS’ ability to deliver must-have, near-term, high-performing games that will help to expand our international market share.”

WMS’ diversified gaming content will feature a significant number of new math models that address player demand for varied gaming experiences, powered by the CPU-NXT2 and CPU-NXT3 operating system platforms on five dynamic cabinet configurations. The ICE 2013 line-up will showcase WMS gaming content for the successful CPU-NXT2 operating platform, with more than 20 new themes on display, and themes for new series like the Game Chest Multi-Game series, its first multi-game series designed for international customers, Double Money Burst, and Amazing Gems series, as well as new themes for proven-performing for-sale game series such as the Colossal Reels, G+ Deluxe and Awesome Reels series.

In addition, this year’s line-up will feature four new premium games based on the Spider Man, Kiss, Cheers and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory iconic consumer entertainment brands and 10 new premium games for the company's time-tested, top-performing Monopoly, The Wizard of Oz, Reel 'em In and other key player-popular series.

WMS product line-up will also include 16 games that leverage the advanced capabilities of the company’s next-generation CPU-NXT3 operating system platform. Five unique cabinet configurations, including the ever-popular Bluebird2e and Bluebird xD cabinets; the new, category-creating Gamefield xD cabinet for premium games; the all-new My Poker video poker dedicated gaming machines and the next-generation Blade cabinet, WMS' latest upright cabinet, launched exclusively with For-Sale game themes. “Also featured will be the Williams Interactive branded products and services that address customers' needs for online wagering and play-for-fun social, casual and mobile gaming opportunities,” said the firm.

•Colossal Reels: Showcased at the ICE 2012 show, the Colossal Reels series has become a high-performing product, utilizing the full widescreen capabilities of the Bluebird2 and Bluebird xD cabinets and power of the CPU-NXT2 platform, to feature two reel sets - traditional and oversized - that transfer wild symbols between reels. The series is expanded with six new themes and unique math models at this year’s show.

•Game Chest Multi-Game: Targeted for our international markets, the Game Chest Multi-Game series supports multiple languages and currencies, and will be available in three different game sets, all which will be on display at ICE 2013, each comprised of a unique mix of proven WMS gaming content. The Game Chest Multi-Game series is powered by the CPU-NXT2 platform and is available on the Bluebird2, Bluebird2e and Bluebird xD cabinets.

•Gamefield xD: An entirely new cabinet design dedicated to premium games, the Gamefield xD cabinet will be showcased at ICE 2013 with three new games for WMS' popular Monopoly and The Wizard of Oz game series. The new Monopoly Prime Reel Estate slot game and The Wizard of Oz Haunted Forest and The Wizard of Oz Emerald City games will appear at ICE 2013 with high-definition graphics from dual 32-inch screens and the enhanced performance characteristics enabled by the robust capabilities of the CPU-NXT3 operating platform on the Gamefield xD cabinet.

•Spider-Man: A new Sensory Immersion 2.0 premium product execution, the Spider Man game leverages the D-BOX Technologies innovative synchronized motion chair technology and the advanced sound and graphics powered by WMS' next-generation CPU-NXT3 operating platform to bring Marvel Entertainment's iconic super hero to casino slot floors. The second game to feature WMS' Sensory Immersion 2.0 synchronized motion chair system, the Spider Man game is a "dual-array game" providing reel-spinning video action across two full 5x3 reel layouts with each spin, along with six random "Spider-Sense" features and exciting bonus rounds that include video and audio clips from the first three movies of the film franchise.

•Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory: The third WMS Sensory Immersion 2.0 theme, this game delivers an entertaining experience with enhanced graphics, superior play mechanics and advanced touch screen functionality integrated into the game play that is synchronized with the movement of the motion chair. A ride on the Chocolate River Boat is brought to life through the motion chair technology and gives players the chance to experience the "Scrumdidilyumptious" joy of finding a golden ticket hidden in a Wonka Bar that awards a us$ 5,000 jackpot - with the odds of finding it increasing each time the jackpot is not won. Even the game's Wonkavator feature, the free spin trigger used to determine which bonus round will be awarded, is motion enabled.

•KISS: Featuring the rock music made famous by one of the world's most recognized and successful bands, the KISS premium standalone game offers players a unique take on multi-array slot games with original game mechanics. The game features a multi-array base game that can award one, two or three bonus reel sets on any spin, enhanced with either WILD symbols added or low-pay credit symbols removed to enhance the opportunity for a big win.

•CHEERS: Based upon the immensely popular, long-running TV sitcom show, the slot game features the lovable cast of characters, including Norm and Cliff. It has fun filled bonus rounds like Cliff Clavin's Random Fact Bonus, where players select a card to be awarded credits and a quick clip of little known information from Cliff," or Norm's "Pour You a Beer Mr. Peterson?" bonus.

•My Poker: The new My Poker video poker product, which combines player-popular themes and pay tables with optional Feature Bet games, player-personalization capabilities and a specialty-built poker button panel to provide superior player comfort, better sightlines and maximized visibility. Both the My Poker Multi-Game and My Poker Winning Streak Poker products enable players to customize and play their favorite game, all with the added functionality and playability designed to enhance the gaming experience.

WMS will also demonstrate for international casino operators the company’s suite of interactive products and services covering all major digital distribution channels - online, social, casual and mobile – into an integrated gaming entertainment ecosystem. At ICE 2013, the firm said it will showcase how its Williams Interactive branded iGaming products and services can create and run a casino-branded, fully customized gaming entertainment community based on the operator's unique brand and player strategies, providing WMS cutting-edge content to the casino’s customers through the various digital channels.

Orrin J. Edidin, President of WMS Industries and President and CEO of Williams Interactive, commented, "The key to building player loyalty on the casino floor or online is to consistently offer great gaming entertainment experiences, and our proven content is an ideal solution to extend our customers’ gaming entertainment beyond the casino’s four walls. We’re looking forward to demonstrating how our time-tested gaming content as well as our advanced services and solutions for interactive opportunities can help our international customers continue to connect with their customers no matter where these players choose to play.”

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