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October 19, 2021

In a stand of over 500 square metres

APEX gaming to introduce innovations at ICE

(UK).- APEX gaming will be taking a major presence at the forthcoming ICE that will take place at the ExCel London exhibition centre next February 5-7. The stand size will be over 500 square metres to house the multitude of gaming solutions from APEX gaming.


he Pinnacle Gaming Cabinet Series
The upright Pinnacle and slant top cabinet Pinnacle is designed and lavished with chrome, they represent pure gaming luxury. The technology matches this luxury with the finest components and a patented cooling system which has the dual benefits of keeping the components not just cool but also clean (by continual air circulation) ensuring their longevity. This ensures optimal game uptime and so maximises player satisfaction.

Further new games style
The APEX gaming games are well known for their features and intelligent options. The two major games packages – Multi Magic 20 and Hot Magic Fruits XXL are firm favourites in many countries around the world.

These games are now complimented by brand new games that attract a different type of player, thus offering further revenue boosting options when operating slots from APEX gaming. The new games Four Towers, Circus and Zeus Revenge are intuitive and thus simple to play. Furthermore, they have been designed to increase positive player suspense – meaning that the excitement mounts during the game and the win potential as well. Four Towers plays on just one reel – yet the tension mounts as this is linked to further features.

Therefore, APEX gaming now offers both entertainment, feature-rich games and intuitive, direct games. These two different philosophies increase the number of potential players and the further popularity of APEX gaming amongst players.
3D games
APEx gaming is playing a leading role in the creation of 3D games. Once again visitors to the APEX stand will have the opportunity to witness for themselves the wonders of these 3D games. The first 3D games package contains five fantastic games:
-    The adventures of captain Nemo
-    Legend of the sphinx ii
-    Wonderland
-    Ocean tale 2
-    Royal fruits

Progression of mobile games
APEX gaming is moving its mobile games line forward. The Android version already offers the option to purchase credits for fun play. Furthermore, the tournament option is already up and running. More games have been added.

Much time and dedication has flowed into the new play-for-fun APEX games. The popular features of smart technology have been integrated into the APEX App.

The Find Apex feature further strengthens the land-based gaming sector. Pressing here shows a range of gaming locations nearby that offer APEX gaming machines. Thus, players can easily see the nearest gaming locations where APEX gaming machines are. This ensures that the App has a major marketing benefit. Players who enjoy the App and want to play on proper gaming machines can see at an instant where they can be found.
Shuffle King II – 40% Reduced Shuffling Time
The Shuffle King – the electronic card shuffler – has been completely updated. The brand new Shuffle King II has gained widespread acclaim during its introduction at gaming exhibitions around the world in recent months. The shuffle time has been reduced by an amazing 40%. It now takes only around 35 seconds to shuffle one full deck of fifty-two cards.

The cards are shuffled in two cycles. The shuffle time can be reduced to zero when working with two separate decks of cards. During the game, a pack can be shuffled and is then ready for the next game. Thus, the croupier only needs to open the Shuffle King II to take out the shuffled pack – meaning zero waiting time. The croupier then places the other pack in the Shuffle King II for shuffling which is then ready once the next game is over, etc.

The Shuffle King already has acclaimed major references during 2012 – particularly from Europe’s largest poker casino – King’s Casino at Rozvadoz in the Czech Republic. The name Shuffle King is the fitting name. Now the Shuffle King II is set to take the market by storm

Shuffle King II greatly increases card game productivity.

Quikker – further updated – now available with terminals
The electronic Quikker card game is set to take the major table game market – in Asia – by storm. This unique game is becoming more and more well-known with its mix of roulette and black jack. Betting on the outcome of two cards – just like black jack – yet having a great number of betting options to choose from – just like roulette. Bet on the same colour cards, the maximum added value of the two cards, if one or both can be an ace. The maximum win is indeed one hundred times the bet – three times higher than roulette.

The ICE is the perfect location for APEX gaming to introduce the new innovations around Quikker. Quikker is available in three versions – live, semi live and electronic. The semi live version is with a traditional live Quikker table alongside electronic terminals. The electronic version is with an electronic table and electronic terminals. This flexibility allows an ever increasing number of terminals to be placed around the Quikker. A 42” monitor will be on display with the Quikker and terminals at ICE to demonstrate how operators could position these.

New table game payment systems innovation
APEX gaming will be unveiling – indeed this will be a global premiere - a very exciting new product for table gaming. This innovative payment / security device will be the ideal link for players who will to transgress between slots and table games.

Johannes Weissengruber, founder and CEO of APEX gaming, comments: “More than ever the gaming market requires more innovations to maintain the player base – naturally with the intention to grow it. We continually strive to create new gaming experiences – for both the players, croupiers and operators. We will be doing just that at the ICE – in practically all the areas we are active in – games, mobile games, Quikker and the now with the Shuffle King II. I am particularly excited about the new table games payment system”.

The whole APEX team looks forward to greeting visitors to the forthcoming ICE at stand S6-150.

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