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October 27, 2021

Frederick Vachon, Director of Operations of DEK International

“DEK exceeded the expectations generated in 2011”

(Panama, exclusive During 2012, DEK International presented alliances with Foster Casino Supplier and Gemaco, achieving this way to enter in new markets. Frederick Vachon, firm’s Director of Operations, points this as one of the goals achieved this year. “In 2012 we have focused in the issue of brand distribution, now DEK International counts with a very big catalogue to bring products and services with high standards of quality,” he said.


hat is your evaluation of 2012?
We consider that 2012 was positive for the company. During this year we have made different alliances and we have managed to enter in countries in which we haven’t been, and where our products have had an excellent feedback, such as the markets we currently have. In short, this year exceeded the expectations created in 2011.

Which were the main challenges you had to face in your principal markets?
In the countries in which we currently have presence, our main challenge is to be at the Forefront of technology, so, with our excellent work team, new products were developed. The acceptance by our customers has been our best qualification.
In your view, Which has been the most important novelty (positive o negative)?
No doubt we consider that the news with the most negative impact for 2012 in our market was the decree of the President of the Republic of Ecuador, which banned casinos in the country. Estimations of the Casino and Bingo Association (Ascabi) point that the prohibition had an impacto n 22,000 people connected to the casino activity.

Which was the most innovative product or service launched this year by your company?
This year we have focused in the brand distribution, now DEK International counts with a very wide catalogue to bring products and services with high-standards, guaranteeing the best quality and service in the gaming industry.

Which is the country with more growth potential facing next year and why?
We do not concentrate in just one country. Our vision and expectations are focused in the growth of Latin America and we expect to increase our success during the launch of the following GI3 progressive.

Which are the plans of your company for 2013?
We want to commercialize our table progressive and increase our presence in those places we have not reached yet. Besides, as a company, our main commitment is to distribute high quality products at highly competitive prices. Bringing support with experience and with local teams have given us a reputation as one of the best competitors in the market where we operate.

How do you see 2013 for the gaming industry in general? Will it be similar to 2012? Will there be a growth or a decrease in the activity?
The global economic situation is a very delicate issue, but in emerging markets there is an expectation and we will use this to develop businesses. We expect an improvement and that there is not a slow down so we can comply and exceed the goals.

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