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September 20, 2021

Alejandro Ortíz, President of Ortiz Gaming

“2013 will be a great filter for the gaming offer, in which brands that bring value to the entertainment sector will prevail”

(Mexico, exclusive The head of Ortíz Gaming, Alejandro Ortíz, had an exclusive talk with in which he analyzed the difficulties that 2012 offered for the gaming industry, reviewed the main launches and participations of the company in recent months, and anticipated its future plans.


ow do you evaluate 2012?
2012 was a year full of turmoils, we had the olympic games, a crisis that affected the global economy, elections and a change of government in Mexico and the US, natural disasters…In short, it was a year full of ups and downs. We have lived all of this with strenght and we go on. No doubt 2012 is a break point for the gaming sector, because it le tus consolidate as another entertainment offer, with many chances for the future.

Which were the main challenges that you had to face in your main markets?
Mexico and Latin America in general are markets that are maturing and that are demanding better provision of services and gaming offer, so next year the companies that do not understand this evolution, will disappear or lose positioning. However, the corporations that evolve with the customer needs will consolidate and gain market easily.  

In your view, Which has been the most important novelty? (positive or negative)
At an industrial level, the worldwide economic crisis affected all the sectors, and ours was not an exception. For Ortiz Gaming, the most important event of the year was no doubt our succesful participation in G2E, the main gaming event worldwide, where for the first time we were present with a stand of more than 400 sqm, full of fun and amenities.

Which has been the most innovative product or service launched this year for your company?
This year we had two very important launches. On one hand, Sir Prize, a mystery bonus that  enhances the gaming experience and awards randomly any person, for the simple fact of playing in our machines. We also presented our new machine called O-Future, that revolutionizes videobingo, with a state-of-the-art design and an important technological development, with a double HD screen and a 7.1 surround sound, which we will be able to find in casinos from 2013.

Which is the country with more growth potential facing 2013 and why?
Ortiz Gaming is a multinational company with presence in Latin America, North America and Europe, so we see an important opportunity in different places worldwide. But no doubt Mexico will keep on growing and maturing as a market, US also offer a very attractive market for videobingo, because the gaming culture has existed for a long time, and do doubt assimilate a technological variance of it will be very attractive for people.

Which are the plans of the company for 2013?
To consolidate the markets in which we have presence and boost them with our innovation, as well as have a more active experience in global events, which le tus open new markets globally.

And for the gaming industry in general, do you think 2013 will be similar to this year? Will there be growth or decrease of the activity?
We see 2013 as a great oppotunity, where, due to the maturity of the markets, the gaming offer will have to consolidate. We will see the growth of many brands and we will see others disappear. I think 2013 will be a great filter for the gaming offer, where there will prevail brands that bring value to the entertainment sector.

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