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September 25, 2021

Gaming boards, Mini-ITX, Com Express, Industrial Touch Displays

Advantech-Innocore to unveil its full range of products at ICE 2013

(UK).- Advantech-Innocore will present at ICE 2013 a wide range of industrial PC components but also digital signage solutions, portable and handheld battery-powered terminals and tablets, wi-fi modules, touchscreen computers, I/O modules, industrial controllers and open frame monitors.


rom the range of Advantech ‘standard’ products, the selection of industrial Mini-ITX and COM Express modules on the stand include products based on the latest AMD R-series chipset and the Intel Ivy Bridge chipset. In the family of industrial touch display solutions, various sizes up to 42” with multi-touch and banner ratio are presented.

First focus however at ICE is the well known DPX range of products, a family that welcomes a new addition in the S-series, the DPX-S430 and, as a ‘sneak preview’, a product with an exciting new design and approach based on AMD’s R-series.

Utilizing the remarkable new AMD Embedded R-Series Platform, the DPX-S430 is a complete industrial computer platform for gaming applications. In common with all DPX products, the DPX-S430 includes a full feature set of I/O, COMs and security designed specifically for gaming devices. 

It is in the area of graphics performance that the new DPX-S430 excels. With both the AMD R-Series integrated Radeon HD7000G GPU and the flexibility to add PCI-Express x16 graphics cards, the DPX-S430 offers an unparalleled combination of performance and scalability with the ability to drive up to 10 displays.

Customers who would like to upgrade from their existing DPX-S series platforms can do so with little integration work due to the consistent mechanical and software footprint and the support of Advantech’s global support network. 

Also on display are the DPX-S415 and the Intel HM55 based DPX-S425. The popular low-cost E-series is represented by the DPX-E120, a full boxed system with high performance integrated graphics and low power consumption based on AMD G-series APU.

Industrial touch monitors
On show are the latest models in the range of industrial open frame touch monitors and stretched signage displays Advantech offers:

Stretched Signage Display
Advantech DSD-5000 series stretch signage display is designed with super wide ratio of 16:3, which can optimize its performance especially in a narrow, limited installation space. Compared to generic LED displays, stretched signage display delivers better resolution and requires 50% less power consumption. Moreover, the series supports both vertical/horizontal installations to match the content. Equipped with DVI/VGA signal interface, DSD-5000 series works perfectly with Advantech’s latest gaming platforms providing customers a total solution for their gaming applications.

Touch Open Frame Monitors
Advantech IDS-3000G Open Frame Monitor is designed with surface capacitive touch solution especially for gaming applications. Constructed with a protective hard coat, the surface capacitive touch solution provides an extremely durable and real-time response touch solution. The IDS-3000G series includes both 4:3 and 16:9 wide format monitors supporting 19”(4:3), 21.5”(16:9) and 23”(16:9) size options. All the series is featured with wide viewing angles providing a wider range viewing area for gaming players. Finally, the open front bezel design allows flexible and customized face plates for easy re-engineering ideal for gaming applications.

Computer on Module
Advantech-Innocore will showcaste latest Computer on Module series: SOM-6765, SOM-7565 and SOM-3565, Advantech COM-Express Compact and Mini series and Q7 products are all designed with low power consumption processors. Based on the brand new Intel Architecture N2600/D2550/N2800, these products represent the best compromise between performance and power consumption.

SOM-5892, SOM-5894 COM-Express Basic Type 6 and SOM-6894 COM-Express Compact Type 6 are the latest COM 125mm x 95mm form-factor which brings several new high-speed interfaces to carrier boards, such as PCIe graphics, PCIe, PCI, SATA, and SDVO, USB3.0 and the possibility to drive up to 3 indipendent diplays. These form factor provides high performance with the latest Intel iCore Ivy Bridge and next generation Intel Platform.

SOM-4466 is the latest ETX COM based on the new AMD G-Series. High graphic performance and low power are delivered in a cost effective and compact solution with only 114x95mm.

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