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September 24, 2021

Daniel Alza leaves his position as JCM Sales Director for Latin America

“It is time to seek for new professional challenges”

(Uruguay, exclusive “Both parties were looking for a change,” pointed Daniel Alza about his removal from JCM. In an interview granted to, he reviews the most important achievements during his 11 years of management within the company. His following step is not defined yet.


hen did you join JCM?
I entered in November 2001 to perform a market research for JCM in Latin America, and three months later I was working directly for the company as responsible of the Latin American division.

Which do you consider were your main achievements in the company?
I think the greatest achievements at a Latin American level are to have developed a clear product strategy, creating a solid service and distribution structure, and the expansion of the company towards other countries, market segments and industries, such as kiosk and vending, in which the firm has never entered before. The aim has always been to be closer to the customers and potential customers, both in the commercial area and in service, always bringing the best quality possible.

When I joined JCM it was selling in Latin America products that superimposed in their characteristics, functionalities and prices, so one of the first measures I took was to eliminate the sale of a series of products and released others, with a clear strategy, distinguishing funcionalities and prices, targeting to specific market segments. Another important issue was the development of distribution channels that today cover almost the whole continent, and the implementation of training workshops for technicians, which, in the first place, we did directly, and nowadays it is performed through different distributors and service centers.

The opening of the kiosk and vending markets in Latin America have been a very important achievements, too. JCM had never entered in these industries in the region, so we developed a precise and feasible strategy which have us very good results, considering that the involvement with the customer at a commercial and service level is totally different from the gaming industry.

What was your experience at JCM?
I haven’t known the gaming industry when I joined JCM and it gave me the chance to enter in a different and quite particular area. This experience has helped me grow professionally and make friends. JCM is a worldwide company, I am glad of having been part of it and of having collaborated to its growth.

Why have you left the company?
After more than a decade working in the company, both parties were seeking for a change. In my view, it is time to seek for new professional challenges.

Have you defined your next step?
I am analyzing different alternatives that I have been offered, some of them within the industrt, others outside the industry, but nothing has been defined yet. I will take some time to see what is best for my future.

Which are your following goals?
My aim is to find a new challenge to help me continue growing as a professional. It is important to find a project where I can take advantage of my knowledge, capacities and experience, as well as to support in its development.

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