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October 25, 2021

At booth stand S9-130

Suzo-Happ two business pillars stand strong at ICE

(UK).- Suzo-Happ will be presenting its top products and new innovations of its key partners on stand S9-130 at forthcoming ICE – that will take place between 5th and 7th February at the ExCel Centre in London. There, the firm will communicate its two clearly defined business fields: As global distributor for industry household names and as innovator and manufacturer for the industry.


lobal Distributor for Industry Household Names
Suzo-Happ offers an unparalleled product range for the gaming, amusement and industrial industries. The diversity of these industries is reflected in the product size at Suzo-Happ – namely over 50,000 components.

The global strength of the Suzo-Happ Group with 12 strategic locations and a team of almost 500 professionals ensures that manufacturers and operators have close contacts with their local Suzo-Happ representative. The company places focus on offering the industry true innovation at short lead times and favourable prices. Therefore, household names in the industry rely on Suzo-Happ as their distributor – often European or even global distributor and service partner. Such companies include ELO (touch screens), MEI (banknote readers / recyclers and coin vaildators), FutureLogic (ticket printers), Assa (locks) and Innovative Technology (bank note readers / recyclers).

Suzo-Happ will be presenting the key products and new innovations of these key partners on the Suzo-Happ stand S9-130.

Innovator and Manufacturer for the Industry

The strong sales and service teams at Suzo-Happ offer another advantage for the industry manufacturers: Suzo-Happ lives and breathes the gaming an amusement industry and possesses key knowledge in how to create new technologies. With R&D teams available to support manufacturers directly – Suzo-Happ offers a unique service: to create the technologies for customers.

The manufacturing plant Chinatec in Zihou in China belongs to the Suzo-Happ Group. The group’s products are manufactured here. A state-of-the-art building was erected in 2001 that covers an area of over 15,000 square metres and is situated close to Hong Kong and Macau. The Chinatec manufacturing plant is key to the success of the Suzo-Happ Group.

Harald Wagemaker, Sales Director EMEA at Suzo-Happ, explains another benefit around this, “Our focus is creating partnerships. We know such partnerships benefit the household names in the industry. We asked ourselves how we can increase our service more with manufacturers. The gaming industry is very dynamic as we see year-on-year at the ICE. We see ourselves as the bridge between the present and the future. We can design and manufacture new products for our customers. And the further benefit is: As we are a distributor, we can manage the product flow to our customers. That means they do not need to purchase the complete produced units at one time. We can supply these just-in-time and invoice accordingly”.
This innovation prowess will be on display at the ICE. Suzo-Happ is constantly increasingly its own product range. For example, Suzo-Happ is rightly seen as the expert for toppers and hoppers. Toppers – the attractive design placed on gaming machines – have grown to a key element in the industry. They not only attract and entertain players, they can be used as a marketing tool as well. Thus, toppers are almost completely standard for gaming machines. Suzo-Happ has an unrivalled selection of toppers. The Celebration Topper creates a new level of excitement on the gaming floor.  It interfaces into the ‘SAS Jackpot’ line of the slot machine and when the selected level of a jackpot is achieved the topper triggers a ‘Celebration Event’. 

The celebration event includes customisable video messages on the 15.6” LCD display, light pipe LED’s rise out of the top of topper, flashing LED’s on sides of LCD, confetti launcher throws out a burst of confetti from the topper and loud audio alarm celebration sounds.  The goal of this ‘Celebration’ is to create a new level of excitement on the gaming floor for players and therefore stimulate more game play.  The Celebration Topper will be sold in multiple configurations including a unit that uses a backlight graphic panel instead of the 15.6” LCD.

The Celebration Topper is joined by the Reel Topper, Round Video Topper, Round Disc Topper, Tower Light Topper, Ellipse Topper, Ellipse Compact Topper, Shield Topper, Ringo Compact Topper, Mini Ellipse Topper, Xenon LED Topper, Ellipse TFTopper, Upright Topper, RGB Pill Topper, RGB Polygon Topper and the RGB Topper Box.

The Toppers can all be synchonised together – ideal when linking a bank of gaming machines. Cascading and other ways of linking the toppers can be programmed – Suzo Happ delivers the entire solution.

Hoppers pay out the coins out of the gaming machine. Gaming machines come in different shapes and sizes and manufacturers require utmost flexibility in paying out coins. Large capacity casino-type hoppers – such as the Excel Hopper –are ideal for casinos that continue to rely on coin payout. The Escendo Hopper enables player-friendly coin payout in slant top gaming machines. Coin payout remains a must for AWP markets and here Suzo-Happ provides the right choice for the right market segment. Whether the Evolution Hopper, Cube Hopper or Flow Hopper – Suzo-Happ has the right solution.
The forthcoming changes to the Italian comma 6a regulations have already been embedded in the Flow Hopper. The new AES protocol is integrated and this will be on proud display. Further AES solutions from partner companies – Comestero for the coin validator and Innovative Technology for the banknote reader – rounds off the complete money handling solutions for the Italian AWP market form Suzo-Happ. The electro-mechanical T-Lock is the ideal solution for the new challenges in Italy.

The AES T-Lock is made 100% of metal so is strong, durable and will stand the test of time. Furthermore, the compact latch envelope and cross-section fits into thin-profile doors, minimising protrusion within the enclosure. The lock has a compact solid metal body with smooth tapered sides. The Suzo-Happ team looks forward to explaining just how this matches the new regulations.
Suzo-Happ will be displaying a whole selection of its product range at the forthcoming ICE. Change machines, reel mechanisms, the Flip Card Unit, RGB Handles, buttons, lighting systems, custom-made LCD panels – all these are further examples of the what will be on display on the Suzo-Happ stand.
The entire Suzo-Happ team will be greeting visitors to their stand at ICE.

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