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October 16, 2021

Belkis Diaz, Manager of Legal and Corporate Issues of Intralot de Peru

“CSR is not just important; it is neccesary”

(Peru, Exclusive Policies of corporate social responsibility and responsible gaming implemented by Intralot de Perú were the theme of the interview granted by Belkis Diaz, Manager of Legal and Corporate Issues, to The executive told details of the incorporation to the initiative United Way and other campaigns carried out by the company.


hat importance does Intralot bring to the corporate social responsibility (RSE)? Do you implement a RSE program / plan?
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is not just important; it is necessary. CSR is a mechanism for companies to give back to society what it is bringing them. Intralot has a CSR plan, ellaborated base don their International Social Responsibility policies, taking care of the interests of our stake holders.

Which are the main objectives and activities of the non-profit association United Way?
The aim of United Way is to actívate the different actors of our society so together we can improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable population with emphasis in childhood, with the aim that they can develop and reach all their human potential. The aim is to contribute that the girls and boys, up to 7 years old, can reach the cognitive, social and emotional development, according to their age and through the implementation of sustainable projects witrh high-social impact.

United Way has the aim to:
- Boost the culture of giving between the companies and their employees, consolidating voluntary contributions to orient them to the efficient development of programs and projects;
- Boost the individual contribution joining funds from different sources;
- Evaluate and select successful social programs and projects to assure the impact in the communities in need;
- Supervise the execution of the programs, their impact and the adequate use of the resources, accentuating the sustainability of the investment;
- Create strategic alliances with well known organizations in order to achieve more sinergies and impact;
- Promote and facilitate the voluntary participation among the partner companies, their employees and the communities.

What represents for Intralot de Perú the fact of having joined the initiative proposed by United Way?
For us it represents a progress towards common welfare, through the chamge of systems that help everyone. The premise is that we are all connected and join forces for a common objective. It represents the idea that we all win as a society when a child is successful at school, when families reach financial stability and people are healthy.

What was the response of the employees of the company? What results have been obtained so far? How do you encourage your employees to participate in initiatives like this?
The feedback from collaborators is very good; satisfactory results have been obtained so far. The participation of the team is active and campaigns and activities are being performed, which are object of annual report, so our annual collaborators are aware of all the activities performed and the benefit achieved thanks to its contribution and collaboration. 

What goals does Intralot have for the following year in these two areas: CSR and responsible gaming?
The main aim of our policy of social responsibility is achieving that Intralot is an organization that, with its work is qualified as a socially responsible company, improving the quality of life of our society.

In that sense, Intralot commercial and business activities revert in favor of the people in need, based on the principles of growth and reciprocity, within a frame of social respect. Intralot has the specific goal of obtaining the Certification N° 3 granted by the World Lottery Association in Responsible Gaming. Such certification means continue implementing in detail the principles of responsible gaming in our business activity.

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