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June 22, 2021

The lab held the seven-day training in Lima

GLI conducts substantial training for MINCETUR in Peru

(Peru).- GLI has completed an in-depth training for 35 gaming inspectors of the General Direction of Casinos and Slot Machines (DGJCMT) of the The Ministry of Exterior Commerce and Tourism (MINCETUR) of Peru. The training covered the country’s Monitoring and Control Systems model (SUCTR) process.


INCETUR contracted GLI to conduct training on audit and field inspection procedures. Part of the engagement included the development of an SUCTR Audit Manual for MINCETUR, which will be used as part of their controls of gaming halls throughout Peru.

GLI held the seven-day training in Lima, Peru, which included onsite training for the inspectors in several gaming halls and with a variety of SUCTR approved systems. Conducting the training were compliance, engineering and network assessment experts, carefully selected among the global GLI staff, to provide the best training and expertise in the gaming industry.

GLI Director of Latin American and Caribbean Development Karen Sierra-Hughes said, “GLI has a long-standing commitment to the regulatory entity in Perú and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  We are very proud to have worked so closely with the DGJCMT for the last several years and to have been selected to perform this training. The training represents an important milestone in their path to strengthen the regulations in the Perúvian gaming industry and we look forward to continuing our very close relationship.”

SUCTR is the denomination MINCETUR established for the Monitoring and Control Systems model. The massive project connects roughly 72,500 machines to the SUCTRs that are all homologated by MINCETUR.  The SUCTRs are now reporting directly to the MINCETUR’s data center, relaying information regarding revenue and significant events to better control the gaming industry in Peru.

Ing. Manuel San Roman Benavente, the Director of the DGJCMT Peru said, “We have been pleased with the training that GLI has provided to our inspectors, it has served to unify criteria for the control tasks of the SUCTR Models that are installed in gaming halls. GLI has certified many SUCTR Models for Peru, so this experience has served to transmit and display the characteristics of each SUCTR model.”

GLI worked very closely with the DGCJMT during the development of the SUCTR regulation, advising regarding the technical requirements, based on GLI’s extensive test lab experience. GLI is right now in the process of testing and certifying the accurate delivery of the data to the MINCETUR data center for various systems suppliers worldwide.

GLI was the first laboratory authorized by MINCETUR to certify the SUCTR models in December 2010 and since then, the company has been the leader on certifying the majority of the systems in the country. It has been at the forefront of gaming regulation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for more than 14 years.

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