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September 20, 2021

Drew Pawlak, firm’ SVP Business Development-Americas

“2013 will be BMM’s breakout year”

(Peru).- “Although several countries have a formal framework allowing gaming, Peru is the most advanced and mature market in Latin America”, said Drew Pawlak, BMM SVP Business Development-Americas. He talked about the operation of their first interoperability lab in Peru and about BMM position in the region. He also commented about their plans for the coming months and about the current regulatory frameworks of the Latin American countries.


his year BMM began to operate the first interoperability lab in Peru. How is this progressing? How has the industry responded at the regional level and how is the facility working?
BMM´s Interoperability Lab in Peru is gaining momentum fast. Our facilities house the most popular systems in the region and we are completely prepared to perform all testing. As manufacturers are now realizing the importance of interoperability between game software and central monitoring systems, game manufacturers and designers only have one chance to make a great impression. If their games don't work with the systems, credibility is potentially impacted. BMM's intention is to let all manufacturers know that this type of testing service is available to them and encourage industry good practice.

How do you see the Peruvian industry specifically? How was the SUCTR model implementation conducted?
The gaming industry in Peru recognizes the value of a well regulated market, and a high percentage of stakeholders support the implementation of central monitoring systems. Huge benefits are offered by these systems and enable casinos to manage and monitor the floor with maximum efficiency.

As expected, the roll out of systems in Peru was slower than anticipated and a bit challenging. There were no major setbacks with the implementation of the SUCTR Model. In fact most gaming venues currently have a monitoring system implemented and final details regarding communications with MINCETUR’s Data Center are already in process.

What Latin American countries have the most advanced and mature regulatory framework?
Although several countries have a formal framework allowing gaming, Peru is the most advanced and mature market in Latin America. During the last few years Peru has managed to formalize gaming, by completing SUCTR model regulations and implementation, and is now looking at server based gaming standards which are in development by MINCETUR.

Panama certifies its gaming devices and effectively regulates the market. Chile is still in the process of releasing their own certification requirements and Argentina is considering similar requirements. Bolivia is still very fluid but we expect to see some clear movement in the coming weeks. Of course BMM are equally active in all of these markets ensuring our clients are able to get their products effectively to market and the regulators all have a good working knowledge of the technology they are authorizing.

Where is the best position of BMM within the region?
BMM’s South America offices are based in Peru, where we have the largest lab in the region. We also have the biggest interoperability lab, as previously mentioned. This lab services all of the regional manufacturers, many of which are located in Peru and Argentina. Due to BMM’s close proximity to MINCETUR we regularly support them in understanding current and new technology. In addition to actively servicing the regional market, BMM also support our global clients who test in other regions for this market.

What Latin American countries have a higher growth potential?
Latin America is extremely important to all of our major global manufacturers as far as a growth market for 2013. Each market has unique qualities, but BMM believes that regulated markets always have more long term viability due to adequate oversight. Not everyone likes to comply with licensing, testing or the homologation process, but in the end these rules create a fair and level playing field that apply to all. This type of environment protects all the stakeholders, most importantly the player, who we are all here to serve.

What does Argentina mean for the company?
Each market in the region is just as important as the next. Argentina poses a unique challenge as most countries have gaming regulated at a federal level, and Argentina does it at a provincial level. This model increases the complexity of any large market, as each regulator is entitled to individual rules, interpretations, licensing requirements,  enforcement, etc.

What are your plans for the coming months?
BMM's business performance in 2012 so far has been very strong. It has been another record year globally for BMM with a number of business extensions. Central to our growth platform is 30 years of gaming lab experience that we make available to gaming regulators, manufacturers and operators worldwide. We invested significantly in our upgraded global headquarters in Las Vegas, USA, and we are able to offer tremendous coverage of the US market for both domestic and international manufacturers across iGaming and terrestrial products. BMM is the only capable alternative to GLI in the global gaming market. 2013 will be BMM’s breakout year!

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