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August 12, 2020

Two candidates are now in favor of casino expansion

New Hampshire gambling issue likely to change before election

(US).- New Hampshire is one of the few states in the northeast that does not allow casino gambling. That is something that is likely to change after November election, and the good news for gamblers is that both gubernatorial candidates favor new gaming laws. Estimates show that a casino could bring the state upwards of us$ 50 million in tax revenue annually.


n favor of a casino, his insistence on bringing only one casino to a specific area of New Hampshire may hurt his chances of winning in November.

Lamontagne's opponent, Democrat Maggie Hassan, is also for casino expansion, although her plan is slightly different than her Republican counterpart. Hassan backs only one casino resort as well, but she does not put a limit on where that casino would be located.

"Right now, Hassan looks to have a more broad approach and may be more open-minded in the gaming expansion issue," said Polical Strategist Mark Shuler. "But on the other hand, Lamontagne's directive to bring a casino to Salem may help him heavily win over voters in that area."

New Hampshire has fallen far behind other northeastern states when it comes to gambling expansion. Maryland, Maine, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and now Massachusetts and New York have all made advances in their casino gambling industries over the past several years. New Hampshire residents have been stuck traveling to Connecticut to get their gambling fix, and they are upset with that as their only option.

"I go to Connecticut four or five times a year, but it really isn't fun traveling to another state to have a fun night out," said Marcia Banks. "I'm glad that no matter who wins the election, it looks like we will have our own casino here in New Hampshire in the next few years. I know me and my friends will spend money there, and that can only be good for our economy."

Estimates show that a casino in New Hampshire could bring the state upwards of us$ 50 million in tax revenue annually. Currently, the majority of that revenue is being lost to Connecticut, and with Massachusetts casinos on the horizon, New Hampshire stands to lose money to their neighbor unless the new governor acts quickly. "The good news for New Hampshire is it seems not a matter of if, but when they will get a new casino," concluded Shuler.

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