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October 27, 2021

Jurgen de Munck, Founder and CEO of DRGT

“Our strategy focuses on the entire continent of Latin America”

(Peru, Exclusive Jurgen de Munck, Founder and CEO of DRGT, granted an interview to in which he commented about the recent participation of the firm at Peru Gaming Show and CIJUEGO. “Our solutions are future-proof – that means that operators can use our accounting solution as a basis for future expansion”, he pointed.


ou have recently attended to the Peru Gaming Show. What can you tell us about the show? How was it for your company?
This was a very important show for the industry. The new requirements to connect all gaming machines have meant a great investment for Peruvian gaming industry operators. It is our task as independent systems supplier to provide optimal, cost-effective solutions. The fact that we have already signed up over 50 casinos before the Peru Gaming Show underlines the innovation we are bringing to the market.

This year you have also participated in CIJUEGO. Do you think that is positive for the Peruvian industry to run two shows in a short time? What are the differences between them?
It would not be fair to the organisers of both shows to draw comparisons between the two. At this moment in time it has made sense to stage two gaming shows in one calendar year. Operators need as much advice as possible to successfully implement the correct systems, ensuring that it is future-proof. This is a very important investment and operators need to make the right choice. We have exhibited at both shows to ensure that we are there to support customers and answer all the questions they have had. We found exhibiting at both shows to be very successful for our company.

How has the Peruvian gaming industry evolved in recent years?
We entered this market only last year so we cannot make long-term comparisons. What we can say is that today the Peruvian gaming market is extremely upmarket and that the investment made in connection all slots has made this market future-proof. In Latin America where some state heads look upon gaming in an unfavourable light, it is essential to send a positive message to the government. No that the gaming slots are connected, the state can much more easily attain financial information – which is for the good of the industry.

How important is for the business the new requirement for slots to be networked for accounting purposes?
This is essential to the healthy, long-term success in the industry. Now all gaming machines are accounted for. Any misconceptions on gaming have now evaporated. The Peruvian gaming market is a well-organised industry. We at DRGT are an independent systems company that provides the right, cost-effective solutions. Our solutions are future-proof – that means that operators can use are accounting solution as a basis for future expansion.

How are operators responding to DRGT’s system?
The fact that over 50 casinos have already signed up for DRGT answers your question! And that was the number before the show. Our systems connect all slots – no matter the age or type. Operators can keep the slots they want on the floor. Investing in a new system no longer means having to invest in new slots – thanks to DRGT.

What are your plans for the immediate future?
We have created a strong structure here in Peru in a very short space of time. The Latin American HQ is here in Lima where we already have a team of over ten experienced gaming staff. Thus, we are well equipped to continue the installations of our systems and the long-term support to guarantee long-term Peruvian gaming success. Naturally, our strategy focuses on the entire continent of Latin America. We have already notched up notable success in Colombia and we are registering considerable interest in Panama. We are very well positioned from Lima to reach out to all countries within this continent.

We are also developing a new side to the business for Peru: distribution and service for manufacturers. Following on from our success in Europe where we are e.g. supporting Bally, WMS, Konami in chosen countries there, our in-depth market knowledge makes us an ideal candidate to support manufacturers here in Latin America. One of the first companies that we are supporting here on this basis is Alfastreet for the Peruvian gaming market. As our company is globalising, the opportunity for us to support manufacturers is going global as well.

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