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September 25, 2021

Dave Brannan, CEO of Living it Loving it

“In the long term, our idea is to diversify our business and not to focus only in poker”

(UK, exclusive “Our main ambition is to make the company be the first choice in the poker sector, and now we are on the right path to achieve it,” assured to Dave Brannan, CEO of Living it Loving it, a UK-based agency dedicated to events and entertainment. They work together with big events such as WSOP, EPT, WPT and GSOP.


ow have poker tournaments evolved during recent years?
Poker in general has expanded very fast in recent years, and live tournaments have gained ground, being bigger each time. A big change has also occured in the type of tournaments; they have turned from events where there was just a main event to play, to Poker Festivals, which attract more people and where players have much more variety in the type of games and buy-ins. This will be the dynamics that will prevail for a while.

Besides, the aim is to bring the poker player more entertainment on top of poker, that’s why we have created Mind Sports International, which creates paralel tournaments of mental sports, so players may have more variety.

The integration of the first “Prague Mind Sports Festival”, December 1-4 in Prague, will bring even more value to assistants, as well as more variety. Backgammon, Scrabble, Risk and videogames, such as League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive are already confirmed for this innovative festival, with many more to be added in future months.

In which way has online poker influenced- in a positive or negative way- in live events?
It is clear that online poker has influenced in live tournaments; now they play less online and you can see the effect in small events, while some of them have been cancelled.

Of the countries in which Living it Loving it operates, Which is the best in the organization of live poker events?
Being honest, with events such as WSOP and due to the experience they have in poker and the big jackpots, United States is one of the best markets, but Europe also has its qualities; its multicultural population, eager to travel to play tournaments outside their country and the diversity of gaming modalities, also turn Europe in a poker reference at a global level.

Which is the market or country with more potential to operate?
We now believe that the region with more potential is Central and South America. It is an entire continent, which is hungry for poker, if legal conditions of several countries are improved, it could be a very convenient destination to create positive poker tournaments.

What big events at a worldwide level do you work with?
We work together with big events such as WSOP, EPT, WPT and GSOP.

What do Living It Loving It services consist of?
Living it Loving it Ltd. is a UK-based agency dedicated to events and entertainment. The company is fond of poker, and has been bringing solutions to the best players of the sector during the last seven years. Our main ambition is to achieve that the company is the first choice within the poker sector, and we are currently in the right path to make it. Besides, Living it Loving it is the only one in the UK that offers pre-registration for the tournaments mentioned. It is also the only UK-based company with license to pre-enroll players for World Series of Poker.

When planning and managing an event, Living it Loving it Ltd team takes its knowledge and experience to the tables, with decision and determination to be the best. It assures that Living it Loving it may be the choice of all the poker tournaments worldwide. In the past, we used to perform all the services that an events agency does, but now we are in continuous expansion, and our services have diversified. We continue offering the services mentioned before, but we now also offer consulting and marketing services. As leading worldwide consulting firm in independent poker events, logistics and management, Living it Loving it offers full-service solutions to international customers that seek to create the most successful and interesting tournaments globally.

Do you plan to extend your services to other countries?
Well, right now we are working to expand our portfolio of customers and open in new countries and regions. We are curious of what can happen with the online market in US, Central and South America; definitely it is one of the main goals, where we have already started working, because for the following year we intend to organize a four-stop tour in Panama; and we also have in mind exotic sites such as Macau and Australia.

What place does South America have within your business strategy?
As I said before, Central and South America will have a leading role in our company in future years. We have an important business plan for this region, and we do not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of the great potential that this market has for us.

Which are your plans for the short and medium term?
Our company is very demanding, and we always set big but realistic goals. We want to be a point of reference in the poker industry, in the short-term that is what we are doing, and we are working hard to achieve it. In the long term, our idea is to diversify our business and focus not only in poker. As I have commented before, the incorporation of mental sports to our festival in Praga is just the beginning. We want to be a reference in issues related to consultancy, marketing and organization of all type of events, not just poker.

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