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October 16, 2021

First Latin American country to approve Casinfo’s iSlot

Panama adopts Ipad-based gaming device

(Panama).- The Acres 4.0 iSlot, distributed internationally by Casinfo Systems, has become the first in-casino portable server-based gaming system to be approved in Panama. This brings a fresh new gaming system designed to attract younger players to gaming venues.


ather than competing with the existing machines, the iSlot brings in different players, adding to the casino’s revenue. Its portable design allows play in the casino’s bar and lounge areas, converting these areas into new sources of revenue.

The iSlot is a server-based gaming system. The game and random number generator are housed in a server. The display is the elegant Apple iPad, which the casino customer is free to use inside the property where wireless connectivity to the server is provided. This attracts younger customers who want to sit together while they play. The iSlot has 13 games and more are in development. These games include reel slots, multi-line slots, Keno, Poker, Bingo, a reel game we call the “Anti-Slot,” and a skill-based multi-player competition game designed to stimulate play in groups.

“Panama is the first country outside the United States to approve the iSlot, and we are sure there will be many more to follow,” said Gary Kuipers, CEO and founder of Casinfo Systems. “Our aim is to bring a new generation of devices to casinos to help them attract and retain new customers.” iSlot is the first of a series of innovative products designed by Acres 4.0 and distributed by Casinfo. “We look forward to presenting these at your casino,” Kuipers concluded.

iSlot demo available in

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