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September 19, 2021

The product offers a flexible solution for all types of operations

Octavian ACP system is already operating at the Peruvian casinos

(Peru).- Peruvian authorities have taken the final step in creating a thoroughly regulated gaming market with the full coming into effect of the new Peruvian Gaming Law. The law took binding effect on July 8th when it put every single machine in operation under governmental control via connection to an online system. The Accounting Control Progressives System – ACP is installed in 14 of the 17 operations of Novomatic Group. “It is one of the six SUCTR most chosen models- of the 21 available-by operators,” the firm highlighted.


fter a transition period of six months, the Peruvian authorities have taken the final step in creating a thoroughly regulated gaming market with the full coming into effect of the new Peruvian Gaming Law. The law came into force last Sunday 8th,  when it put every single machine in operation under governmental control via connection to an online system. Octavian, belonging to Novomatic Group of Companies, offers a solution for Peruvian operators: the Accounting Control Progressives System - ACP.

Local Jurisdiction
Games of chance in Peru are regulated by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) under the following laws: Law N°27796 (2002) in its 1st “Disposición Final”; this law’s amendment, approved by Supreme Decree N°009-2002-MINCETUR (2002) in its 9th “Disposición Transitoria”; the Supreme Decrees N°002-2010-MINCETUR and N°015-2010-MINCETUR (2010) and finally the new law N°29829. Under the new law all slot machines in operation will eventually be monitored by a government-controlled server.

In a first step, all casino and slots operators were required to connect their machines within the individual operation as well as interconnect their operations within one central online monitoring system by October 1st, 2011.

In a second step, under the new law N°29829 that came into effect on January 7th, 2012, this central server was linked to the government-controlled servers at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism and simultaneously at the Peruvian tax authority’s headquarters. The law allowed for a transition period of six months enabled the Peruvian operators to implement an appropriate online system by July 8th, 2012. If any operators, however, should happen to implement hardware or software within their online system that the Peruvian ministry considers inappropriate or insecure, they are granted a further period of three years for the upgrade.

Thorough control
This ‘Implementation of the Online Unified Control System’ represents an important final step for the authorities to complete the reorganization and thorough regulation of the Peruvian gaming market. Once all gaming machines have been interconnected with the Ministry of Tourism and the Taxation Authority, these government authorities will obtain exact control of all revenues and due gaming tax payments.

At the same time the implementation of this system was also eagerly awaited by law-abiding operators in order to eliminate unfair competition through operators whose methods of control and revenue declarations have been neither reliable nor exact.  The new online system enables the gaming and tax authorities to base the entire supervision and control on real-time and exact data instead of the previous manual declaration processes that were highly prone to errors and inaccuracies.

For these new market conditions of regulated gaming the Novomatic group company Octavian offers the ideal solution for Peruvian operators: Accounting Control Progressives System – ACP.

This modular casino management system provides a flexible solution for all sorts of operations in terms of site and regulatory requirements. The ACP system allows the integration of an unlimited number of gaming equipment of various manufacturers using all major protocols, including gaming machines with mechanical/digital meters as well as stand-alone jackpots. The basic modules comprise: Accounting (equipment management & reports), Control (user interface and security) and Progressives (jackpots) – further modules can be added on demand. These include: Cashless, TITO, Player Loyalty and other functionalities.

“The basic ACP modules completely and ideally fulfil the legal requirements of the new Peruvian gaming law: within the ACP system all gaming machines of one operation are linked to a local floor server which is then linked to a central server where the operator benefits from a comprehensive real-time financial and technical audit, centralised accounting as well as active floor management. This central server is then linked to the government-controlled servers,” explain sources of the company.

The Octavian online system ACP has been one of the first systems to obtain the official homologation for the Peruvian market through a GLI certification as well as the direct approval of MINCETUR. In Peru the ACP system is already installed in fourteen of the seventeen Novomatic group operations. Two of them ('Admiral Carrera' and 'Liberty Benavides') were enhanced with the additional Cashless and Player Tracking modules in order to provide for additional customer relationship management tools and have since registered an increase of the overall machine performance of 10-15 percent.

“The ACP system is backed by Octavian’s huge practical experience comprising more than 20,000 gaming machines are connected to the ACP system in various countries and continents. Extensive hardware and software preparations, an efficient installation procedure and quick and easy setup allow for the parallel hardware mounting on-site and server configuration without downtime in the actual gaming operation. The ACP system runs on a highly protected internet connection based on secure firewall and encryption and uses a highly secured data transfer protocol. It provides a full information back-up of the database and optionally offers the possibility of up to 7 days automated data storage,” the firm highlights.

Octavian provides 24x7 full technical support via telephone and Internet in English, Spanish, German and Russian as well as remote online system software configuration and trouble shooting. The open source development platform of the ACP system allows for maximum R&D flexibility – Octavian can provide quick customized adaptations (e.g for automatically generated reports) and additional functionalities on demand. 

The Status Quo
Currently, about 80% of the operators have reported that SUCTR systems have been implemented in their locations. San Roman reiterated in one of his interviews that machines which are not connected to the Mincetur data center by July 8th must be turned off and removed from the locations.

“The Octavian system is one of the six most popular SUCTR models – at date 21 SUCTR systems are available that enable operators to connect their locations to the Data center of MINCETUR,” the company assures.

“Octavian maintains an excellent co-operation with MINCETUR, having already provided special training for the testing officers and regulatory staff. The gaming authorities proved highly content with the ACP system features that ideally provide for the required control mechanisms. Thus Octavian is confident that the ACP system will further establish its position as the leading online casino management system in operation in Peru”, the company concluded.

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