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September 18, 2021

After a year of strong growth

JPM makes changes to its organisational structure

(UK).- JPM Group has announced changes to its organisational structure. Aimed at reflecting its commitment to developing new technologies and its continuing expansion into new territories, the changes also take into consideration the evolving market places both domestically and internationally.


ardiff facility will close with a number of staff relocating to its Birmingham headquarters, home of the company’s games development team.

JPM has enjoyed a 40 year history of developing low-stakes games for the UK and European street markets and through its interactive division JPMi, the Group has grown to become a prominent content developer for the igaming sector.

Speaking this week about the changes, JPM’s Simon Herbert explained: “Internationally, the gaming market is transforming at a phenomenal rate and it’s crucial that JPM’s structure enables it to embrace the many opportunities that continue to present themselves. Recently JPM outsourced its manufacturing to ensure resources can be focused on content development and the support of trading partners. In such a dynamic environment we need to adapt constantly to ensure that our customers and affiliates receive the very best that JPM has to offer,” he assured.

As part of the reorganisation JPM’s Cardiff facility will close with a number of staff relocating to its Birmingham headquarters, home of the company’s games development team.

JPM’s goal is for the reorganisation to provide customers even better after-sales service and support through the collaboration of an experienced and wider knowledge base extending to both new and traditional products.

“In the past year JPM has had some outstanding successes but there is no place for complacency,” continued Simon Herbert.  “Our future will be built upon exceptionally performing games for use in a wide variety of gaming applications. Our games will be augmented through investment in our own team and, where appropriate,  strategic alliances with best-of-breed third party content providers, delivering a wider and more compelling portfolio to attract and grow our customers’ player base,” he promised.

JPM’s growth in igaming and overseas markets, particularly the Czech Republic, has been built on a philosophy of joint development with established local partners. Paul Bursnell JPM’s COO confirmed that this strategy will continue.

“We’ve learned a great deal about the value of strong relationships and local expertise from our close association with Synot in the Czech Republic, where our Max Power local gaming system now has a majority share of its market sector.  We will also soon be announcing new strategic alliances to extend our international reach and to secure practical knowledge of local preferences and regulatory requirements.”

Currently JPM’s derives its business predominantly outside of the UK but Paul Bursnell revealed that the company plans to continue its support of the UK analogue market with investment in both original and licensed games.

“We’re strongly committed to our home market,” he confirmed. “We are concerned that UK retailers are confronted with diminishing choice and we’re willing to play our part in remedying that situation. In return, we need a more flexible approach towards product testing from those retailers. Without this the current commercial model will not be sustainable,” he warned.

JPM’s commitment to the UK has been evidenced by the impending release of a new UK Category C/us$ 108 analogue game under the Al Murray The Pub Landlord license. The game, Al Murray’s Beautiful British Game builds on the brand’s strong performance in the Category B4 sector and reflects the wave of patriotism currently sweeping the UK.

Paul Bursnell also revealed an industrious development schedule will result in a number of additional games for B3, B4, C and D categories which will be released shortly and in turn, will be repurposed for use online. All of which are part of a regular release programme that will see titles regularly deployed.

JPM’s progress in the online world has been meteoric with JPMi, the company’s interactive division, both leveraging the extensive JPM games portfolio and investing heavily in new content. It is embracing of the online world has been welcomed by operators, hungry for refreshing and unique content.

Paul Bursnell explained why this has happened: “We’re unusual in that we have a huge back catalogue of successful games which are instantly recognisable to many online players. JPM Interactive will also be releasing new games with an exciting twist, for example a series of online games incorporating our Max Power progressive bonus feature.
“Online operators appreciate that the incorporation of classic JPM titles broadens their player base, whilst adding an interesting and profitable dimension to the site,” he added.

Still in the online environment, JPMi has signed an agreement with Bet365 for the monthly rollout of both classic and new titles and another agreement will see JPMi content available on Microgaming’s QuickFire platform.  JPMi’s soon to be launched free to play website will showcase the very best that JPMi has to offer, which in turn will also support several pay to play operators.

JPMi is also shortly due to go live with TIPOS, the Slovakian national lottery operator under an agreement which will see new games and content supplied on a monthly basis.

For a company with its roots in the UK AWP market, JPM’s reach is impressive. Paul Bursnell, however, is clearly not resting on his laurels: “The future of gaming is very exciting and we’re determined to play our part in shaping it. JPM has a broader base than ever before and the company is supported by increasing recurring revenue streams. Our structure will constantly adapt to reflect the dynamic and exciting industry to which we belong and we will seek out the brightest talent.  Our relationships with customers and partners will continue to be based on innovation, cooperation and support,” he promised.

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