International edition
October 20, 2021

Jessica Luna, Spielo Sales Director for Latin America

“Peru is our center of operations and window for Latin America”

(Peru, exclusive After the participation of the company in the latest edition of CIJUEGO, Jessica Luna, Sales Director of Spielo International for Latin America, analyzes the advantages of the event’s format and remarks the importance of the Peruvian market. “I believe that the exhibition formats must be flexible and realistic for this period,” she said.


ou assisted as sponsors and exhibitors of the third edition of CIJUEGO. Which are the advantages of an event with this format (the space is more concentrated and all the booths have the same size) for the company?
From a practical point of view, looking at the investment, benefits and ability to meet our customers, we are quite satisfied with this model of the event, which looks more like a business round that emphasizes the academic aspect. By concentrating most of the manufacturers in one place for two days in a reasonable and attractive schedule, this event becomes a good option for the operators who attend these shows in great numbers.
I think the exhibition formats must be flexible and realistic about the current needs of the industry, and should be aligned with new market requirements in order to justify the exhibitors’ investment. Times change, and every company, organization and/or service provider must know how to adapt. Otherwise, they are out of sync with the needs and goals of their customers.

How was the operators’ response to the WAP eMillions and new cabinet prodigi Vu showcased at the booth?
Regarding WAP eMillions, the product has generated great feedback, and offers three key aspects: first, it is the most practical and effective option to overhaul our e-motion cabinet in a flexible participation sales model; second, eMillions is a product that has been widely tested in Europe and the U.S., so its consistency and effectiveness in the market has been proven among the world’s leading gaming oeprators; and finally, it complies with the latest  technological requirements. Through the interconnection among venues, it offers an attractive progressive jackpot with life-changing wins that will immediately attract players’ attention.
Regarding our new prodiGi Vu cabinet, the feedback has been important and massive. We have many orders on the way, and once they’re on the floor, they will prove the performance and consistency of our new stand alone games. These feature graphics and mathematics that are new to our region, and that are already very competitive in other regional markets.
With prodiGi Vu, we aim to increase our offering and content portfolio as we continue to provide the best cost-benefit relationship to the operator. We are constantly analyzing our customers’ needs, and strive to offer the best complete line-up of products and services in the short term. 

After the results obtained in your showroom and CIJUEGO, Which are the future goals you have set for Peru?
Peru is our center of operations and our gateway to Latin America. With more than 20 years of casino operations, Peru is an attractive jurisdiction for the entire region’s operators. We are about to organize our own educational event, launch a new premium progressive, continue increasing our installation base of diversity multigames, and also finalize the future installations of our latest products, recently launched in our showroom: Egyptian Gold, the first Episodic Gaming progressive for the national market. It’s been an excellent year for Spielo International, and the support of our Peruvian and Latin American customers has been a huge factor in this success.

How is Peru positioned towards other Latin American markets?
As I mentioned earlier, due to highly competitive market and its experience in the gaming industry, Peru is one of the  key markets par excellence in Latin America, with a significant amount of machines in operation, which will soon be connected through networked gaming, new developments and service innovations, thanks to strong jurisdictional regulations. This makes Peru a great model for understanding and measuring the industry throughout Latin America.

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