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October 27, 2021

Alan Burak, Show Manager of the event

“Talking about SAGSE Panama is not only talking about the Panamanian market but of the whole region”

(Panama, exclusive “Above all, I want to say that SAGSE Gaming Panama is an event that covers all the Central American and the Caribbean region. It all sums up in one phrase: from Mexico to Peru, all the gaming in the best place, Panama”. This way, Alan Burak, Show Manager of SAGSE, started the exclusive talk he had with days before the beginning of the event.


he eight edition of the event will be held June 27 and 28 at Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City. “SAGSE will be the venue of the most important and international event of the region. SAGSE is, was and will be synonym of internationality and success in the gaming business”, added Burak.
“In its eight consecutive edition, it will be the core of a myriad of activities related to the sector. With more than 3,000 sqm of exhibition, the most remarkable international exhibitors, thousands of products and more than 20 hours of training by the industry and for the industry, have become the must for gaming operators,” he highlighted.
How are you preparing for the eighth edition of SAGSE Panama?
The preparation of this event takes more than twelve months of planning and development. It is an event that evolves constantly and adapts according to the current situation of the sector and the region.

According to our schedule of activities, everything is going well and with a lot of expectation. The feedback we have from the industry is highly positive and our marketing plan to attract more international operators is working. We have a lot of energy and expectation. The manufacturers will present their novelties for the region.
What are the novelties for this year?
This year we will have a strong list of topics. Starting Wednesday, June 27 at 11 a.m., in Atlapa, we have the exclusive conference from Randall Fine, General Director of “The Fine Point Group” of Las Vegas, US.  He is the “Guru of Modern Marketing for Casinos” and will debut in Latin America. He is one of the most important gurus worldwide, and the topics include “CRM”, “Affiliate Program”, “Marketing for Saturated Markets,” “New Technologies”, “Facebook and social networks”, “Marketing as the most remarkable tool”. This course will have simultaneous translation, is a paid event and has limited places.

Then, in the afternoon, we will perform SAGSE Case Study (within the exhibition). From 15,30 to 16,30 it will be held "Increase your profitability with SC Advance & Easitrax Soft Count" by MEI; from 16,30 to 17,30 "How to invest in the Latin American gaming industry. Licenses required. Analysis of the current situation in Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Chile and Colombia”, by Carlos Fonseca Sarmiento; from 17,30 to 18,30: “Panama: Logistic Platform for the gaming industry in Latin America” by Miguel Angel Cuadra from ASAP; and from 18,30 to 19,30, "Visual Marketing and saving of energy for Casinos", by Industrias Cattan.

On Thursday 28 we will offer again two of the talks from the previous day, from 15,30 to 16,30 "Visual Marketing and saving of energy for Casinos", by Industrias Cattan, from 16,30 to 17,30 "Increase your profitability with the SC Advance & Easitrax Soft Count" by MEI, and, after that, from 17,30 to 18,30 “Panama: Legal security, a requirement of the  integral development of a country” by Elvis Anthony Ureña from Chiels Law firm, and from 18,30 to 19,30, the closure with words from Giselle Brea, Director of the Gambling Control Committee in Panama.
How many exhibitors are confirmed so far? What companies will participate for the first time?
Year after year the level of exhibitors and their quality improves. We count with all the important operators in our halls, and the main American and European manufacturers will be present with wide presentations of products. They are aware of the importance of this event, which has a strategic location.

This year we have a 20% of new exhibitors, which jeans that there are new companies interested in this Central American and Caribbean region. Some of them come for the first time to Latin America.

We are also seeing an important flow of I-gaming companies this year. Some of the firms that will have a booth in SAGSE Gaming Panama will be Industrias Cattan, StylGame, El Espartano, Arrow International, GC NETwork, Transact, DFI TECH, International Gaming Solutions, BYA Group, Spielo International, Crane Payment Solutions, TodoLeds, Spotoption, Goody Uniformes, DLV, Verite Broadcast, GLI, Ainsworth, Junta de Control de Juegos, Monografie, Molina International, ASAP, Furturelogic, TBAR Desarrollos Industriales, LNB - Loteria de Beneficiencia Panama, SAGSE Case Study, Universal Circus Games, Games Magazine, Cole Kepro, Taiping Carpets, MEI, Konami Gaming, Mundo Video, Tecno Accion, Grupo cordialito, ISMS, Casino Americano, Yogonet, Novomatic, Foster Casino Supplier, EntwineTech – Online Live Dealer, Grand View Product, Legendary Gaming, Aristocrat Gaming Lounge, Merkur, Belatra, Panama Tourism Authority and HotGames, among others.
Which is the attraction of Panama for manufacturers from the gaming industry who wish to do business there?
This group of top companies make SAGSE Panama be visited internationally by purchase, marketing and operating managers from casinos, bingo halls, slot halls, shopping malls, amusement venues, casino hotels; businessmen and executives of the sector; slots managers; manufacturers, representatives and distributors of games of chance machines, accesories and spare parts; horse race-track operators and turf agencies, online casinos and sportbooks, as well as providers from the gaming sector in general.

Talking about SAGSE in Panama is not only talking about the Panamanian market: SAGSE covers the whole region. We can say that this specific market is very strong and stable.
During 2011, contributed with us$ 63.1 million in taxes for the public sector. SAGSE Panama counts with the attraction of being a regional and international event, complying with the expectations and needs of the industry.

With regard to 2010, the increment in money gained for those business in general was of 17.5%. It is an example for the region. On the us4 1,404 billion in bets until the 10th months of 2011, 75,4% or us$ 1,059 billion were for type-A slots; 19% or us$ 266.2 million to gambling venues and 3% or us$ 41.2 million to the horse race-tracks.

Besides, the Panamanian Lottery of Charity generated other incomes in 2011 for us$ 378 million, also allocated to public development.

In Panama, there are 26 gambling venues, 16 casinos, 13 betting centres, a horse racetrack and a bingo hall. Panama cuenta con la mejor conectividad aérea de las Américas; business gaming in full development, the country has the largest growth of its GDP (15% of increment in 2011); government support to the sector; high level of legal  security for the sector; seriousmess and tranquility, stable currency (dollar); an environment of optimism and relax; beaches, excursions and natural beauty, shopping, fun and entertainment; and a Free Trade Zone.
How do Panamanian casinos position compared to other gambling venues in Central America and the Caribbean?
One of the Latin American countries where the gaming industry has reached a large grade of maturity and professionalization is surely Panama. It happened doe to the work developed from the Gambling Control Committee (JCJ), entity in charge of its regulation, which has managed to bring the sector all the necessary tools to perform the task with plain legal guarantees and legal security.

Besides, with the contribution of casino operators that offer modern halls, equipped with the latest novelties of the market, and always with the best technologic improvements. Another reason that explains the development of the Panamanian sector is its close connection with tourism, one of the main economic resources of the nation.
What goals do you propose to reach this year?
One very simple: excellent business for operators and exhibitors. It is an event that outlines as the most important of the region due to its location and quality in organization. Being in a venue like Panama, which is stable, with serious people and social and legal security, guarantee the success. From its beginnings, it has been improving, and with this, SAGSE event as well.

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