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June 23, 2021

Andrew Cammegh, Director of Cammegh

“This was our most successful showing at G2E Asia 2012”

(Macau, Exclusive Cammegh assisted to recent G2E Asia, where it showcased its new products and developments. Director of the company Andrew Cammegh commented about the products presented and the performance at the show. “Our success at the show reflects the fertile gaming markets in the region,” he affirmed.


he company presented its world renowned roulette wheels such as the Mercury 360 Aurora, Slingshot2 and Crystal Wheel together with its EyeBall and brand new EyeCard product; a camera based card recognition system, running off its Billboard Display.

“A product that generated a huge interest was the Mercury 360 Aurora, using the Mercury 360 engine with a security-focused platform and trademark high end precision engineering. Using it’s 4 invisible in-rim sensors it constantly monitors the wheel, including rotor status, wheel level and ball characteristics throughout game play”, added Andrew Cammegh. “This glamourous and eye-catching roulette wheel has optional game-play modes, including Solid Colour mode, Colour Change mode indicating the ‘no more bets’ event; Bonus mode, where the wheel randomly selects a colour each game and Mystery Prize mode giving operators the chance to offer players random mystery prizes while increasing house edge”

GLI approved Slingshot 2 was another product out-performing expectation, with significant enquiries from OEM’s and the on-line sector. Slingshot 2’s mechanical simplicity brings reliability, while player confidence is assured as the ball remains in view at all times. “These are its strengths, and the these are the reasons why it is so popular,” he added.

When asked about the performance of the firm, Cammegh showed his satisfaction: “This was our most successful showing at G2E Macau 2012, apart from selling everything off the stand, Cammegh created a wide range of business opportunities with customers from the live, online, automated and OEM sectors. Our success at the show reflects the fertile gaming markets in the region and how well Cammegh products are meeting demand in a wide range of secors.

“Cammegh’s innovative and high quality products have always sold well in Asia and Australasia and on the strength of this as well as past G2E Asia showings, we have already confirmed our space for G2E 2013. In the meantime we will be promoting our world leading range of manual and automatic roulette wheels along with our impressive EyeBall, EyeCard and Billboard Display systems,” he concluded.

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