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October 21, 2021

María José Gallardo, VP of R. Franco

“Mexico needs variety and diversity of products”

(Mexico, exclusive “We manufacture customized machines and it gives us credibility. This way, we are closer to the operator,” affirmed, during an interview granted to, María José Gallardo, VP of R. Franco. She also made a balance of the participation of the company in ELA and talked about the products presented to the Mexican market.


hat novelties did you present in ELA 2012?
We brought all our collection of products based in our 40-year experience in all the gaming sectors, in casino, bingo halls and street machines. We have a wide collection of video-bingo machines that we started manufacturing for Brazil and we currently commercialize them in Europe, specifically in Spain, and in Mexico, with our complete math and electronic development.

We have incorporated more than 10 different models: we have basic machines, some more interactive with bonuses, with extra balls, machines in which you can choose your extra ball and discover it little by little, or not. And it has a common progressive, called “Atrapa al topo”. It is successfully proven in Spain and consists in catching a mole that comes out of a hole.

With regard to the casino machine version, we have incorporated reels to the typical casino video-machine. Bonuses are incorporated because we are seeing that the new generations, or the new player wants not only a machine in which the reels are moved randomly, but also likes to participate and feel he risks the jackpots and obtains them. With regards to this, we have the experience of Spain, because so-called type-B machines, technically rulled, which are already in the market are machines that offer this type of interaction. The most successful model of street machines in Spain was converted in a casino machine, making it absolutely random, with free spins, and the first market in which we have tested these machines has been Argentina. The video reel is a product that no one has and we compete with the most important ones, because it is something different and interactive. We have eight models plus the collection of classic models, which are around 20.

We also presented a Bombo Roulette model, a roulette panel in which the jackpot is not brought by a real roulette, but a drum in which is comes out a ball. There are individual machines and they are being used in Europe, UK and Ireland. We have also brought a multi-play model, with a spectacular a drum in which is comes out a ball and has satellite terminals that can be distributed by the hall, and so people may bet as if it was a roulette game, but without a Wheel.

Are the machines and titles you are currently developing thought for the global market or for particular markets?
Markets always have their own characteristics. The base of the games are equal and so are maths, but there are certain qualities, for example, there are some sites in which they prefer interactive or higher games. We adapt successful machines according to each market and so we study the players: we managed to prove that even in the same romos or communities there are people with very different tastes, for example, if there are more men or women, games are different; women like more basic games. It is one of the great advantages of R. Franco,  because, despite we are a great group, our company, as it is a familiar firm, has the philosophy of reaching the operator’s tastes and needs. We are not a company that has a standard and does not move from that position. We  perform customized machines, and it brings us credibility, and this way we are closer to the operator.

During last year, there has been a kind of relaunch of the company, with new developments and with the Passion Tour. What balance can you make? What strategy do you have to continue the growth?
We had left aside the international issue: we had success in Spain and it was enough, but we see that part of Spain is in crisis and technology allows us to reach a global market. That’s why the presidency of the company decided to expand internationally, at first, through our  commercializing firm Orenes.
It is not about doing things fast, but to do them well. We want to do things absoloutely legal and that’s why we are in a homologation process. The balance has been positive because we have achieved to develop many models in a little time. Basically, in a year and a half, we have reached the international market: we are in Norway, in Ireland, England, we are doing things in Germany, and in South America, in Argentina and Mexico.

What is the balance of your presence at the show?
We are very happy, despite it is a date in which there have been parties and there is not much people, our balance is very positive because we have managed to talk with our future customers with which we are already negotiating. The truth is that we believe we have to be here so they know us and so we contribute with our experience. This market needs variety and diversity of products, it shouldn’t be allowed a monopoly because there is place for everyone.

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