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June 24, 2021

Interview to Jessica Luna, Sales Director for Latin America of Spielo

“We are launching in exclusive Emillions for Peru”

(Peru, exclusive “For our company, it is a responsibility with the industry to support events that allow the professional growth of the sector and benefit operators,” said Jessica Luna, Sales Director for Latin America of Spielo, during an interview granted to, in the first day of CIJUEGO. She also talked about the Peruvian market and the expectations of the firm for the near future.


hich is the current situation of Spielo in the Peruvian market?
We are a company that has reconstructed and consolidated in the last year and a half in the Peruvian market, based in our consistency, organization and maintenance of the product. We are the best cost-benefit alternative and our portfolio of products has shown a high profitability and maintenance, which places us as main competitors in this market. Our Oxygen cabinet, in its Diversity multi-game model, is our best business card; besides, our new Prodigy Vu cabinet, recently included in the Latin American portfolio, has started to do the same. Our goals continue improving and we are boosting our resources and portfolio. We have changed paradigms at a commercial level and aim to lead our bet for Peru in the short-term.

What products of the company are more accepted there?
Our line of products of the new Oxygen cabinet, headed by Diversity, our multi-game solution, which brings a wide range of successful titles. Suites Brilliant Blue, Pure Purple, Royal Red, Amazing Ambar, Gambling Green, Absolute Azure and soon Magic Marron and Sweet Sunshine, are already the favourite of national players.

How will the Peruvian gaming market have influence on the implementation of the online control system?
Real-time administration systems have to have a key impact in the market. Those operators that have really chosen the system that covers its future needs, will have more operational advantage compared to those who have not done it, and simply have tried to comply with the requirements of the law. The system, as long as is adequate and has been chosen by technical criteria, will reduce the price of the casino operation, will improve the marketing impact and elevate productivity.  A system that does not have functionalities, on top of the record of counters and events, will make the room be in competitive disadvantage. That’s why I am sure that, in the following months, we will see the real impact of the implementation of this new tool. Those who understood it as a mechanism of control and not as an administration tool, will see that, in fact, it was not such, requiring more effort to close the gap of the competence.

How do you evaluate the second showroom held in Peru?
Our second showroom has ratified our commercial policy of customer approach. The event, which not only has become the best commercial option in 2012, but also the emplem of the commercial strategy of our brand and the need to adequate to the market dynamics. We are a company with a new hallmark, which puts us as leaders in customer satisfaction.  The Peruvian showroom has been the start of a commercial and customer attention revolution that Spielo International will manage in Latin America. Results have been extraordinary and we are grateful for the expectations and the preference of Peruvian operators.. Our CEO, Walter Bugno, arrived here specially to participate in this event, which was a great success for our company.

Why have you decided to be sponsors of an event like CIJUEGO?
We consider CIJUEGO as a business show with standard dimensions, which complies with the requirement of a business exhibition, adding an important percentage to the educational theme.

For our company it is a responsibility with the industry to support events, which allow the professional growth of the sector and benefit operators.
Besides, in my view, the concept of a reduced show per participant, in a comfortable schedule, with the main actors of the industry, are enough elements to guarantee the attendance and the results of an event with Peru brand.

Which are your expectations for this event?
We are focused in the campaign with our new Prodigy Vu cabinet, which has a stand alone gaming portfolio with mathematics that guarantee a high performance. We are focused in consolidating the integration of our new cabinet to our commercial gaming offer leaded by Diversity from Oxygen. We are also launching in exclusive Emillions for Peru, our WAP progressive on Emotion and E2, which will reboost the base installed of our cabinet, in a new product with top-technology and profitability.

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