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September 20, 2021

Alejandro Ortiz, President of Ortiz Gaming

“We become market leaders in all the countries in which we enter”

(Mexico, exclusive Within ELA event, recently held in Mexico, interviewed Alejandro Ortiz, President of Ortiz Gaming, who talked about the products they presented, the feedback received and the future of the Latin American market. “In each country we have the same philosophy: to offer the best products and bring a good support to operators”, he assured.


hich were the main developments showcased at the Mexican market?
We presented new and innovative games, mainly the new O-future platform, in a revolutionary cabinet, with a high-quality sound and state-of-the-art technology. We launched Sir Prize, a shared mistery, but with added intelligence so there is an effective distribution of the jackpot, and that the player is more time in the gambling venue. It is a very different system to the one that exists today at a general level, because jackpots are proportional to the betting volumen. We have started installing them in some venues in Mexico. The result is amazing!

Finally, we launched a new O-Future platform, a new, modern and ergonomic cabinet. It counts with a doublé screen, 7.1 sound, state-of-the-art technology and illumination that adapts to the game. For this platform, we have an important software migration. The mechanism to create the game changed. We have achieved creating images with 3D quality, the games are interactive and will surely attract users.

Which was the feedback from visitors?
It was a pleasant sourprise. Our current customers are very happy because they are seeing the future, and as they already know us, they know that we are always doing successful releases. They were also impressed with the sound quality of the new O-future cabinet.

What presence do you have in the local market? Which are the main markets in which you are operating?
We currently have more than 9,000 machines installed in the main venues of Mexico, and we also operate in Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica and in other markets. In every country we have the same philosophy: to offer the best products and bring a good support to operators. We offer bingo games, something that many countries do not know, but fortunately in all the countries in which we enter, we become market leaders. We are leaders in Daily Average collection, and the quality of the product and service are as important as the daily average collection, and we are also leaders in that areas.

What Latin American markets are more interesting for your company?
We started having a little presence in Argentina. The idea is to expand there, so people know our product, which will add customers and collection for the gaming venues. As everyone knows, the market is oriented towards entertainment center where there will be more public which can have fun with poker, slots, roulettes, etc.

The more diversity of products a casino has, the better, and our bingo halls will surely become an important part of the collection in this country. We have presence in most of the Latin American countries, and currently entered to US. The idea consists of expanding our operation, step by step, in a solid manner. We want to bring our customers an excellent quality of service. Expansion with quality is our goal.

How do you think the market will develop in the rest of the year and in 2013?
There was a little cooling in the Mexican market, and now it is again turning back to a strong growth. On top of the 9,000 machines in operation, we have 3,000 machines hired to be installed until December.

In other countries, the market is evolving thanks to an improvement in the service and quality of the venues, the operators are every time more aware of their customers’ needs. Fortunately, there is a big growth capacity in all Latin America and US.

In recent years, we could say that the operations in Latin America were starting and they were not as good as in other countries, but it changed now. The operation is spectacular and the level of customer attention increases day after day, however, there is still an area of immense opportunity.

In most of the countries, a great part of the population has never entered a gambling hall, because they have a negative image of the sector, but fortunately that situation is changing. Big entertainment centers are being created with restaurants, theatres, shows, traditional bingo, different types of games, etc. So the market is starting to open and attracting new people so they can visit the venues. I think there will be an effective and constant growth. I wish that, once the governments of each country can see the importance of our operation, the number of jobs and taxes that the activity generates, they start making more solid laws and regulations, which generate security for the investments we are willing to make.

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