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June 22, 2021

Tom O’Brien, Interblock VP of Sales, at recent G2E Asia

“Asia is very important for Interblock. Revenues that come out from here are huge”

(Macau, Exclusive “This year, we are presenting our Roulette and Dice game, which is Sic-Bo and our Virtual Baccarat”, said Interblock VP of Sales, Tom O’Brien, who was present at the recent edition of G2E Asia. He also spoke about the performance of the firm in Macau and Asia in general and about the future projects of the company.


hat is Interblock exhibiting this year at G2E Asia? Are you presenting anything specific for this market?
This year, we are presenting our Roulette, Dice game, which is Sic-Bo, and our Virtual Baccarat. The Baccarat game is brand new, so it will be released to the market in the next month or two. The cabinets and products are from our latest G4 Organic range, which is relatively new in this market. In Macau market we probably have about 1500 to 2000 play-stations which are all G3, and now we are coming out with the new generation G4.

How is the company working in Macau in particular and in Asia in general with the machines already installed?
We are doing very well actually. The number of machines is growing all the time. We have representation all over Asia, so we have coverage there. We also have service all over Asia, adding more games to Vietnam, more G4 in the clubs in Vietnam, so we are doing well there. And we are also looking to go back into Singapore. We hope to get back in that market in the next two months or so.

The company is very strong in Europe. You also have presence in the US. How important is Asia in general and Macau in particular, for Interblock?
This market is very important for Interblock, because most of the revenues that come out from here are huge. So when the press is generating those kind of releases that affects everywhere in the world, it doesn’t affect just Asia. What’s going on here in South-East Asia is very important, and we are glad to say that we are doing very well because of the exposure here in Asia.

What are the goals for the company in the future here in Asia? Are you planning to release new products, something specific for the market?
Yes, we have some new products, and our goal was always to lift our market share. We are trying to keep that up and embrace the bar because, as you know, Interblock probably had close to 70% of ETG market share over the last 5 or 6 years. So as the competition grows we need to come up with new products. So we are bringing our G4 products and also adding new features to the products to enhance them.

How did you see the show this year? Which is your final balance about Interblock’s presence at G2E Asia in 2012?
The show this year was phenomenal for Interblock. We met with a lot of customers, and were also able to sell our products we were exhibiting in Macao. So we are definitely looking optimistic towards the future also in Asian market.

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