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October 28, 2021

Interview to David Orrick and Max Lindenberg, from Novomatic

“One of the key strategies is the cooperation with reliable partners in different markets”

(Macau, Exclusive David Orrick, Director of Communications and Business Development of Novomatic, and Max Lindenberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development of AGI, granted an interview to during recent G2E Asia, where they spoke about the products that the firm brought to the show. They also talked about the current situation of the company in Asia and their cooperation agreement with Jade Entertainment and Gaming, among other issues.


hat products did Novomatic decide to bring to the G2E for the Asian market?
Max Lindenberg: We brought a great selection of products to Macau which cater not only to this market but also to the other important regions in Asia. To meet the operators from almost all of the countries in the Asian region, such as the Philippines, Cambodia or Laos, which represent good prospects for our business, G2E Asia is still the best spot.

The brand new Super-V+ Gaminator III cabinet is presented in Macau as part of a RISE OF THE DRAGON jackpot installation with a selection of the latest single games: Garden of Fortune, Golden Scarabs II, Gorilla and Wild Alaska. Extra wide screens for an in-depth gaming experience, elegant style and top quality design make this cabinet an attractive highlight on every casino floor.

A casino promotion special on show is the Novomatic Reel Tournament which has already gained great interest from the first day of the show. It offers a competitive gaming edge and an exciting marketing tool for any slot floor. In Macao it is connected to a bank of Super-V+ Gaminator III machines with the special tournament multi-game mix T1 from which the operator can flexibly select a game to played in different tournament modes.

On a bank of NOVOSTAR SL2 slant tops a variety of game specials is shown: the market-specific Asian Super-V+ Gaminator mix A2, a selection of the latest single games as well as the new Premium-V+ Gaminator multi-game mix comprising a total of 41 games that are presented to the guest in five colour-coded logical categories for best game recognition and guest orientation.

Another area of the booth is dedicated to the extensive range of Novomatic electronic live games. On a bank of NOVOSTAR SL1 slant top terminals visitors can see and try for themselves fully animated virtual versions of Black Jack, Baccarat, Bingo, Poker3, Caribbean Poker, Poker 3, Texas Hold’em Poker and Sic Bo as well as Novo Multi-Roulette and a selection of slot games, all available on each of the connected player terminals.

Also on display is Octavian’s modular and highly ‘tuneable’ casino management system ACP (Accounting Control Progressives System). The system’s ‘add-on’ functionality includes profit calculation, TITO, Cashless and Player Loyalty and has proved an extremely attractive ‘package solution’.

Do you have those machines working now in casinos of the region?
ML: There are some machines here in Macau for trial with more in other countries like Philippines, for example. One of the key strategies is the cooperation with reliable partners in different markets. In this case our cooperation with Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies and its president and CEO Joe Pisano, who is representing us in Macau and the Philippines.

Is Jade based here in Macau?
David Orrick: No, it is based in Manila, Philippines, but has recently opened a subsidiary branch in Macau. Joe Pisano has more than 20 years of experience in the Asian gaming industry and is very well respected. We started a small level of cooperation some years ago and that has now increased to the point where Joe and his team represent us in both Philippines and Macau. It’s strategically vital that we have local people based in Macau. And that’s what our cooperation with Jade brings us. We also have Jade’s service support, so we are able to demonstrate to our customers our potential; that we can offer the same level of service which Novomatic offers around the world.

Through Jade we have made significant progress in the Philippines and the machines that are installed are performing very well; particularly, one key product is our NOVOSTAR slant-top, which is having a lot of acceptance. It is a particular success story in the Philippines and that has also generated a lot of interest also here in Macau. That’s why it is a specific product that we are glad to have here at the show.

ML: Our NovoLine platform offers the newest games with up to 50 lines, and the customer can specify different language options, multi-denomination and so on. But the great advantage of this line of product is that it is completely server-based ready, giving the operator a very simple way to turn to server based gaming at a later point.

DO: Depending on how the future requirements of a particular operations changes, that may now just want standalone or jackpot linked machines, but in a short period of time the technology changes and so does the operation and their aspirations. For example, they may decide to go to server based gaming. As Max was saying, Novomatic gives a ‘future proofing’, where the operation can – by ‘plug and play’ – protect their initial investment and move to a server based situation, thus giving the operator new exciting options.

With which expectations did you come to the show this year?
DO: I think the interesting thing about G2E Asia is in the title: the show is for all of Asia. The show has a comfortable base here in Macau but there are opportunities that have been created for the whole region. We’ve already seen visitors here from Vietnam, where there are huge opportunities,  a lot of developments going on in Cambodia, Laos, and people from Thailand, even though there is no legislative pattern for gaming there yet. So there is a melting pot for all of the Asian countries and communities, and therefore our expectation is to meet as many of those people as we can, to make new relationships and to ensure the interest of those potential customers.

Do you think, in the short term, Japan will also be a possibility for the industry?
DO: Japan’s been talked about for a long time, for more than 20 years, in fact. It seems that the progress now is rather more substantial and, clearly, there are political developments going on within that country that are potentially extremely exciting. For sure, with a full and fair regulatory system in place, the gaming industry would be a huge success in Japan.

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