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September 24, 2021

Roberto Perea, Director of Exports Area of Naipes Fournier

“Mexico is one of the markets with more potential”

(Mexico, exclusive The casino card market suffered a standstill in Mexico after the attack to a Monterrey casino last year. However, the country didn’t lose importance for Fournier, that will be presente at ELA shoe this week. Yogonet interviewed Roberto Perea, firm’s Director of the Exports Area, who gave details of the products that will be presented.


ow are you preparing for the future ELA edition? 
For this ELA edition, we have special interest in experimenting how can card games evolve in the near future in Mexican casinos. It is evident that there is a market that, after the events that followed the Monterrey attack, ELA is a great way of getting to know the different  sensitivities of the sector.

What products will you exhibit? 
We will exhibit our most complete catalog. In cards, we will have our brands Fournier, Bee and KEM. These are brands with a great experience in casinos worldwide, but not everyone knows all the possibilities we offer. Each customer has specific needs in cards, and, we count with a product that adapts better to any of them.

What advantages can the Cambric Finish of Bee cards offer? If I want duration and resistance, What material and finish would be better for me? Are pre-shuffled cards interesting for my operation? What cards are the most suitable for baccarat, poker, etc? These are some of the answers we want to answer. Besides, we will exhibit our range of “Bee” casino cards.

Which is the position of Fournier in Mexico? What opportunities does this market offer to the company? 
We have a big history in Mexico. Our brands are very well-known by the great public, thanks to our presence both in traditional and modern distribution. With regard to casinos, until the card games were limited after Monterrey attack, our position was also very remarkable. Talking about the second question, Mexico is one ot the markets with more potential on the gaming sector. We believe card games will find their site in a regulated frame.

Regarding the Latin American market, How does the particular situation of countries such as Argentina (with certain obstacles to importation), Ecuador and Venezuela (with the closure of venues) impact in the business?
Certainly, the situation of those countries has had impact in our business. Fortunately for Fournier, and I guess that for many other companies, other Latin American countries have experimented an increment in sales and that has performed our business in the Latin American casinos had experimented a growth of almost 40% since 2006.

Which are your plans for the following months? 
With regard to the product, we will present our new version of Baccarat Shoe including a series of benefits that improve the baccarat gaming experience in casinos. And regarding communication, we are promoting our Alliance with World Series of Poker, where our 100% Plastic cards are official in the tournament that will begin May 27.

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