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September 22, 2021

Johannes Weissengruber, CEO and founder of APEX gaming

“Our international expansion is reaching out to new segments of the market”

(UK, Exclusive Johannes Weissengruber, CEO and founder of APEX gaming, talked about the firm’s performance in the mobile gaming business and about the feedback received from operators after the launch of Find Apex at ICE show, among other issues. “We intend to further expand the number of games on offer”, he assured.


hy have you decided to enter into the mobile gaming business?
APEX gaming has grown to become a major manufacturer and operator of gaming machines. Our focus on innovation and understanding what players want has made us so successful. Our international expansion is reaching out to new segments of the gaming market. We believe that mobile gaming will play a much bigger role than internet gaming. The amazing growth of smartphones and (computer) tablets underlines this. Thus, we are placing much emphasis on mobile gaming.

What has been the feedback of operators after the launch of your ‘Find Apex’ at ICE?
It is our duty to inform the operators of this feature. That is why we place so much focus on it. We need to remember that mobile gaming should not be seen as competition to land-based gaming but a compliment to it. It can open the door to many new players. People can get to know the games in their own time where they want. There will be a certain percentage of these people who want to play then for money. The ones who prefer APEX games will want to play on APEX gaming machines. The ‘Find Apex’ button on the app then uses google maps to compare the person’s location with the nearest APEX gaming machines. This can only have a positive effect when operators sign up for this. Please note that we offer this service completely free of charge. Operators just need to inform us at [email protected] of where their APEX gaming machines are located – we then add this information to the app.

What new features have you added to the ‘Magic Mobile App’ since its launch in London?
Since its launch with 5 games, we have already added yet another game. Many companies offer only one game on their app – we offer six and this number is growing. And it’s completely free. Please note that the games in our app correspond to the land-based games – they have exactly the same complicated mathematics. Thus, people then playing on land-based APEX gaming machines benefit from having practiced on the app.

What elements has ‘Red Hot Fruits’ to get players attention?
Red Hot Fruits is a classic fruits-based game. Our customers from far and wide report on its popularity. It is simple to understand yet the complex mathematics make it challenging. Furthermore, the graphics on the app are outstanding.

What markets are your main targets?
Mobile gaming is per se international. Thus, our strategy is to position ourselves as strongly as possible in this market. The app is a great way for people all round the world to get to know us.

What are your main objectives and plans in the mobile gaming arena?
We intend to further expand the number of games on offer. We will be making proper use that this new technology offers. For example, right now players can expand the individual game information just like is possible for any standard text to make it simpler to read (which is more important on the small screens of the smartphones). We will be looking at how we can implement our 3D games here – that will then make a real difference!

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