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June 23, 2021

David Loveday, CEO of OpenBet

“OpenBet only ‘operates’ through its clients and in 100 % white-than-white jurisdictions”

(UK, exclusive CEO of OpenBet David Loveday talked with about the current situation of the online gaming industry in the countries where the firm operates. He also talked about his expectations about US and analyzed the Spanish market and the potential of Latin America. “The months and years ahead will see OpenBet move forward on some very exciting technological developments,” he said.


hat is the current situation of the online gaming industry in the countries where OpenBet operates?
OpenBet only ‘operates’ through its clients and in 100 percent white-than-white jurisdictions. We are very much a pure B2B company, a market leader in the provision of software for the sports-betting and online gaming industry. We only work with companies that operate themselves in legal territories, and we have the top names among our customers including William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Sky Bet.

What markets have more potential in online gaming?
Any new market opening up in Europe will have some potential for Openbet, either through our current roster of operators looking to expand into new jurisdictions, or through new operators looking to open up online operations and needing our expertise when it comes to all forms of online gaming. Further out, we obviously have the possibilities of the US opening up over time...

What are your expectations about the US?
This could be a great market whatever the US opts for - Federal or state-by-state. We are one of the few companies to already have experience in the North American markets via our deals with British Columbia Lottery Corporation, LotoQuebec and most recently Manitoba Lotteries in Canada. We know the degree of oversight any operator or supplier will face when it comes to US gaming authorities, we are fully prepared for the process.

What does the new regulated Spanish market represent for your company? What are your plans for this country?
As discussed above, our plans for any European country will be determined by what our current roster of clients decide to do in terms of applying for licences, and also from the possibility that new entrants in the market will be looking at who to partner with in terms of online infrastructure. As such, Spain is exciting for Openbet as are the possibility of moves in Greece, Germany and elsewhere over time.

Are you looking to disembark to any Latin American country? What is the potential of this region for OpenBet?
The Latin American region is very much behind the curve when it comes to online gaming developments and we are not sure how much progress has been made in any one territory towards a legal market. But as with Europe, we are hopeful that eventually the market will open up to new competitors from both the online and offline arenas.

What is the margin for growth that online gaming industry has facing the future?
Online gaming has a very profitable future where it will be paying taxes and enjoying the benefits from stable regulated markets across the globe. This is the only route for the industry to take, although it will take time to come to fruition.

What products do you have to offer? Do you offer products B2C or your business is merely B2B?
No, we are B2B only. We provide the acknowledged market-leading system in sports-betting and offer a full suite of online gaming products. We pride ourselves on our product innovation and our continuing record – we have been in existence for over 15 years – or innovation. We have a blue-chip roster of clients from top sports-betting operators such as Ladbrokes, William Hill and Paddy Power to national lotteries such as PMU in France. We know that backend provision will be very profitable in the future and we are looking forward to the many and various opportunities that a regulating landscape will bring.

Recently, you have signed deals with Aristocrat, Ladbrokes and Shuffle Master. What can you tell us about this partnerships?
All are partnerships are predicated on the same principle – that we will bring the best-in-class online betting and gaming technology to our clients. The calibre of client that we have on our books shows the degree to which the top operators in the field trust and utilise our technology and our expertise. We think all our recent headline-grabbing deals illustrate the degree to which we offer a truly open and flexible approach to providing the best integrated software solutions for the gaming and betting market, a system which is robust, scalable and flexible from day one.

What are your plans and objectives for the coming months?
The months and years ahead will see OpenBet move forward on some very exciting technological developments. For example, our recent work has been focused on SiteServer, a performance-optimised API which separates the presentation services from the transactional services, thus allowing layers for all delivery channels to be added on top of the basic structure. On the games side, we also have our remote gaming interface (RGI) which is aimed at giving our operators freedom to select game providers’ solutions regardless of where and how they are hosted. Through RGI we now host some of the most successful games by the largest providers in the business, from IGT to Barcrest. We are also driving our strategy to bring top performing retail content online through partnerships with industry-leading casino slot providers, such as Aristocrat and Inspired Gaming.

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