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June 22, 2021

In Inside Asian Gaming’s Supplier Awards 2012

G4 Organic Live Pulse named as Best Multi-Terminal Innovation

(Macau).- Interblock announced winning award for their G4 Organic Live Pulse named as ‘Best Multi-Terminal Innovation’ in Inside Asian Gaming’s Supplier Awards 2012. It is an impressive looking product, which was displayed at ICE 2012 London show for the first time.



The version that was displayed at ICE was in theater layout consisting of 32 play stations and two live games, Roulette and Baccarat with the ability to place wagers electronically on a manual wheel operated by a croupier or an electronic Card shoe being dealt for a baccarat game.

G4 Organic Live Pulse or also known a  Pulse Arena is the newly launched arena-style version of Interblock’s G4 Organic platform and can provide casino operators with unlimited options in terms of play stations served by only a handful of human dealers.

This way, it can produce more games per hour for more players at lower cost than traditional live dealer gaming. That’s especially useful in table games-focused, high turnover betting markets with limited table space.

Main advantages of G4 Organic Live Pulse are:
· Configuration with different number of play stations and different game types
· High visibility on casino floor with 360-degree view of LCD screens placed above the center
· Community type of game, giving players the chance to socialize more
· The speed of the wheel is operated by a casino employee, the benefit lies in the fact that the game can be very fast or slow, depending on the players
· The feature of ‘Live’ (human dealing) generator is that communication with play stations and all the payments are completely automated, which eliminates chip fraud and human error
· Possibility for play stations being connected to any bonusing system in the casino allowing the casino operators to have bigger control over the players and their activities

The Inside Asian Gaming Supplier Awards are an annual event started four years ago. A panel of judges who are all senior executives in the regional casino industry with detailed practical knowledge on what it takes to create successful products in the high-revenue, high-energy Asia-Pacific region. Winning products mostly received more than one nomination and similar score weightings from multiple judges, thus creating a majority winner.

The criteria for electronic games were as follows:

- Revenue performance measured by average daily hold over period of installation (65% of the final assessment)

- Operator floor feedback based on software stability, quality of hardware build, ease of servicing (15% of the final assessment)

- Cost flexibility for operators based on the options made available (such as outright purchase/revenue participation/ management contract); this was weighted 15% of the final assessment

- Crowd pulling appeal of the cabinet and overhead sign (5% of the final assessment)

Interblock received ‘Honorable Mention’ for its G4 Organic Island in the category for Best Multi-Terminal Product, which won the IAG 2011 Supplier Award for Best Multi-Terminal Innovation.

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