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October 19, 2021

Matt Takeno

Casino Lunch appoints new Head of Gaming

(Malta).- Online gaming platform provider OrientPlay announced the appointment of Matt Takeno as the Head of Gaming for both of their premium in-house brands Casino Lunch and Apple Pie Poker. The firm brings Takeno on board to manage their online gaming brands.


att Takeno is a distinguished industry professional, having been involved in numerous illustrious projects throughout his career including managing the gaming operations for a renowned French stand-alone poker network.  Leading up to the launch of Apple Pie Poker and the revamped Casino Lunch website, he has been a key consultant in shaping the games portfolio and branding, and is now fully engaged, heading gaming operations for OrientPlay. 

Takeno offered the following in light of his recent appointment; “I’m very excited to be exerting my energy full time to this project.  It is  an honour not only to be able to provide a world class casino platform, but to be one of the only operators on the internet to offer a multi-room poker offering. We are already garnering positive feedback from both our players and operators. I am also especially delighted with the positive responses we have received from both our prospective and existing operators who remain fascinated with our evolving games portfolio, back office malleability, and our technical capacity.”

Working closely with all of OrientPlay’s internal teams and prospective operators on a daily basis, he has been integral in everything from forming the games portfolio, the bonus engine, VIP coordination, and even the art direction. “To be frank, managing games operations for both our own brands and the brands of our existing operators is tough, but extremely rewarding” says Matt.

“‘With most brands, there exists a gap between operators and their respective clients with respect to what games are currently offered and what the clientele desires; malleability of the current offering and the evolution of the portfolio are often at odds with the technical feasibility and priority of most brands.  However, one of the great benefits of working with and building the portfolio and branding of our current and prospective operators is that we can close this gap further than what most other established brands can cater to.  We consider ourselves lucky that our partners have strong vision, foresight, and communication with their customers so that we can provide exactly the games portfolio they require meet their needs. If you want to create your own slot machines with your customised graphics, we’re more than happy to oblige!”

When asked about future plans for OrientPlay and their players, Takeno offers the following: “This week, we’ll be launching the revamped and rebranded Casino Lunch website.  We’re pulling out all the stops, and we are very excited by the updated graphics and branding.  We’re also launching our Apple Pie Poker site, which will be launching with the Everleaf poker room, and we’ll be going live with both the Cake and Enet poker networks soon thereafter. Our players have expressed their enthusiasm with our poker offering, and they’ll be able to benefit from all of the tournaments hosted on these networks.  I invite everyone to visit both of our brands, and I’m sure that you’ll be captivated by the classy feel and the tongue-in-cheek humour of both Casino Lunch and Apple Pie Poker respectively.”

Both the casino and the pending new poker operations are fully licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) in Malta, a recognized and respected online gaming licensing regulatory body. Casino Lunch provides online casino gaming to players from all countries except the U.S.

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