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October 27, 2021

Jurgen De Munck, CEO of DRGT, at recent ICE

“We took the opportunity to introduce new products to the international market”

(UK, exclusive Last year, DRGT gave an impressive debut at ICE show, thus, the 2012 edition was the first ICE as “DRGT powered by SiP”, since the firm bought Systems in Progress (SiP) from WMS. Jurgen De Munck, CEO of DRGT, commented about the products and solutions showcased at the event and about the synergy between the two firms. He also talked about the current situation of the gaming sector within the international economic crisis.


ow do you evaluate DRGT powered by SiP’s first participation in ICE?
Last year at the ICE, DRGT gave a very impressive debut. Our philosophy is to prove ourselves in the local market before international expansion. That is exactly what we have done. The vast majority of the Belgian casinos have implemented the DRGT systems. The excellent feedback motivated us to begin to offer our solutions to the international gaming market – which we began only one year ago.

A lot of things have happened since then. We purchased Systems in Progress (SiP) from WMS last summer. Thus, this year’s ICE was our first ICE as “DRGT powered by SiP”. We took the opportunity to introduce new products to the international market. For example, with drTable and drCage, we can now offer a complete accounting and cashless solution for all gaming positions (i.e. slots and table games – both electronic and traditional).

All solutions continue to grow. Imagine – older machines can now be linked to provide accounting and player tracking details. They can profit from cashless gaming and can even be linked to jackpots that are shown directly on the screen.

What has been the synergy between DRGT and SiP?
DRGT and SiP are a perfect fit. Therefore, it may not surprise you so much to hear that we have completed the full integration of SiP systems solutions into the DRGT systems solutions. We have naturally worked very hard over the last months to complete this process.
Returning to your question on synergy. Both companies have the same philosophy – on providing a serverless systems solution to the market. DRGT focuses on the customer experience and has made systems potentially much more interesting to the marketing departments of casinos and gaming halls. For example, our drScreen allows all the accounting information to be shown on the slot monitor and can be adjusted individually to include information (promotions, forthcoming events, etc). In short, it is the dream of operator marketing departments. SiP has been in business for many years and has an excellent reputation for reliable technology. These two blend in together very well and has made DRGT powered by SiP a very strong player in the field of systems.

How did operators respond to your range of systems for the international markets?
We had meetings non-stop on all three days. Thus, the answer to your question is very positively! Our approach is to listen to our customers and build the system around their needs. There is no one single approach. Each operator has different needs and we respect this. We can truly bring cashless gaming on all slots. We know of no other systems company that can offer this. Thus, we are offering a unique advantage to the industry. Furthermore, we are an independent company.

What was the business climate that you could perceive in Earls Court halls?
It was a definite improvement compared to the previous two years. Gaming has been affected by the ongoing economic and financial crisis around the world. The important thing is to be able to adapt to such a business climate. We believe that we are well respected in the market place as we can provide serverless cashless gaming on all slots. Thus, older machines do not have to be replaced to enjoy the benefits of cashless gaming. Our products and software are all modular so operators have the choice themselves to choose what they need today, knowing that it is simple to build upon this in the future when these requirements grow.

What was the feedback that you received from the operators that visited your stand?
The world is definitely spreading around the world about DRGT powered by SiP! We had operators from all corners of the world visiting our stand. They appreciate that there is an independent company that focuses purely on systems, thus understands systems 100% and so provides 100% solutions for all the machines and tables on the gaming floor. Operators can choose how they wish to offer cashless – via card, ticket-in, ticket-out or our iButton and even a combination of these three.

What are the next shows that you will attend to as exhibitors?
Our next shows where we will be exhibiting is the Irish Gaming Show in Dublin in March and the FADJA in Columbia in April. We will be exhibiting at exhibitions all around the year to ensure that operators have the opportunity to get information at first hand on how we can help them.

What do you expect for the next ICE in ExCel?
A new location will bring the ICE yet more excitement. We have secured a stand in an important position as the ICE is an excellent opportunity to inform the international gaming market on the great advantages DRGT powered by SiP offers.

And finally – expect even more innovations from DRGT powered by SiP at the ICE 2013!

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