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October 19, 2020

Tom Autischer, Greentube Head of Marketing and Sales

“igaming is the future”

(UK, exclusive Tom Autischer, Greentube Head of Marketing and Sales, granted an interview to in which he commented about the products that the firm presented at ICE show. He also talked about the main markets for the firm.


hat are you showing in ICE?
Well, we are showing our full portfolio of products: 3D eSports solutions and specially turnkey casino solutions. All the games in slots, poker, bingo, basically, all the range of products.

What is the relation with Novomatic?
Well, since three months now, we are 100% company from Novomatic Group and, as we are part of the company, we are gaining more room for our own products because now we are able to use well-known Novomatic products from the land-based area and we are putting them online, so we  do not see this as a challenge for land based area but as an extension.

Which are the most important markets for the company?
That would certainly be UK, but we are trying to enter in new markets with new regulations, I have to say, in this case, we are trying to enter into well-regulated markets. So if the legal situation in the market is not clear, we are also able to talk to the authorities, showing them the way in which regulated markets have fair play there. 
We have expertise on various markets throughout Europe and also out of Europe, and there is not one formula to enter to the market. It depends on the specific landscape, and, of course, on the legal situation.

And how was the show for the firm?
We have been here for 10 years. Great show, great customers, I think we are going to have very interesting deals. It also shows that people from our business are struggling with the same problems as we are. And that the regulators and jurisdictions throughout Europe and throughout the world still do not understand what I-gaming is, and it is difficult for us to make a clear and proper business as it opens the door for less serious competitors.

What is your opinion of the current situation of the European markets within the economic crisis?
Well, the crisis should be an opportunity for our company, because governments need fresh money, and in order to earn money in the gaming markets, you need to regulate it.  Because, as it is now, with exception of UK, in other markets you have a hugh amount of customers playing illegal casinos throughout the world without any control, so you do not get that tax money and there is no security for players. Social responsibility in gaming, with players, is something that can be done in well-regulated markets. So I hope that, through this crisis and this depression, the countries will learn that, if they regulate markets properly, we all can live very good with it.

Do you want to add anything?
I think I-gaming is the future; we are aware of that. It’s not that we wanna kill the land-based area; it is just an extension. And both land-based and i-gaming have a relationship and we can use this synergy effect.

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