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June 24, 2021

Andrew Cammegh, Director of the company

Cammegh presented its new products and developments at ICE Totally Gaming

(UK, Exclusive Andrew Cammegh, Director of the company, granted an interview to in which he talked about the characteristics of the products that the firm presented in ICE Totally Gaming, as well as the markets in which these products will be released.


hat products have you presented here in Europe?
Here we have the Aurora Roulette Wheel, which is a roulette Wheel that has a unique bonus numbers feature, which is great, in addition to the traditional single numbers of five additional random numbers that are generated from the random motion of the ball, changes in rotor speed, the time it takes the game to play out and so on. This gives us five random numbers with which we can bring exciting new side bets to the game. In the case of the Aurora Roulette, we selected the colors, illuminated in the center of the wheel and it pays out 6 to 1 if you match your chip color with the Wheel color. But we also have an automatic mystery prize. In this particular configuration setting we have it paying out a thousand pounds against one chip at a rate of one prize per a few hundred spins, but you can configure it any way you like such as having the Mystery Prize come out every few spins with small prizes such as cocktails, meals, raffle entries, etc. This can be changed by the operator when he wants to whatever he wants, so he can have something different everyday or every week depending on the marketing promotions he has in the property.  So it’s really an innovation, in 200 years of roulette we’ve never seen any like it before.

Did you present it for the first time?
It is the first time we present it in the UK. We presented it in Las Vegas and there we already have our first trial in the Atlantis Casino in Reno. That would be in the next couple of months, but since then we put it into Pullmantur Cruise Lines and also into Colombia with VICCA Group (Casino Victoria – Periera and Casino Buena Vista – Bogota), where they’ve taken four units. So side bets are bringing new opportunities for the casinos to make an increase in revenue and bring an added excitement to the table, especially with the Mystery Prize feature.

The other product which is also using the Random Bonus Number feature, which is unique to Cammegh Roulette Wheels, is Double Shot. Here we take the random numbers and we attribute that number to a symbol. In this case you’ve got Chinese symbols, but it can be any symbol the casino wants, such as local symbols, country symbols, event symbols, etc. These pay out at a range of 80 to 1, 18 to 1, 3 to 1 and 1 to 1. So with a single chip the customer can win as much as 80 to 1  in addition to the number he played on the roulette.
We also have a new Eye-card Product, which uses our EyeBall camera and a technology to read cards, and we can use it for black jack but also for Baccarat. It reads the cards in fractions of a second. It is a fantastic product.

How do you see these products for Latin America?
Roulette is traditionally a very popular game out there, and I think we have seen that in Latin America it adds value, making something new, fresh, colorful, and this is exactly what we think that that Aurora roulette does. It delivers on glamour, color, excitement, big payouts and it just brings a new emphasis and a new level of excitement to what is a traditional game. The iconic game of a live gaming pit, and I am just really excited about what we brought to this game. I think another aspect of the Latin American market is that it is nice that people have a chance to win big with one chip. If you have a 35 to 1 it’s always been interesting, but 1,000 to 1 with one chip is a game changer. People want to have excitement at the tables and leave the casino feeling lucky that they won a lot of money. So that’s where I think these kinds of features in roulette will appeal in the Latin American markets.

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