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September 28, 2021

Kate Chambers, Clarion Show Director

“ICE 2012 has been exceptionally good”

(UK, Exclusive Kate Chambers, Clarion Show Director, talked with about the latest edition of ICE show. She commented about the convergence of the online and offline gaming markets and about the expectations for ICE 2013, considering that there will be a change of venue after 22 years in Earls Court Center.


ow did you see the show? Was it in line with your expectations?
The show this year has been exceptionally good, I think, for everyone. It helped the big announcement from the DOJ ruling from America coming not much earlier than the show. So I think the biggest thing is the whole discussion about online and offline and actually how the market is converging, and I think that the show is a perfect representation of how it helps to that discussion. 

What are your expectations for next year in the new exhibition center?
I think we are all very sad; visitors and exhibitors to this year’s show are sad, because we’re leaving Earls Court which has been here for 22 years, and it worked exceptionally well for them. However, I think moving to a brand-new exhibition center will be perfect for the show and will allow us to expand, particularly in the way that the market itself is expanding, and once we get over there, we will realize how great it is and how much better is for their business.

Which was the impact of the economic crisis in Europe?
I think the economic crisis in Europe has affected the show. Due to the economic crisis, people have to work harder to gain business, so I think actually everyone in the gaming industry have to raise their game, and that’s great for the consumer, because they are developing games for the consumer and I think that it will be an increased business for the consumer. The games will be better and there will be an increased play. So I think actually that, despite the economic crisis, the gaming industry may be one that recieves benefits this year.

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