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September 25, 2021

Javier Berasategui, Director of Exports of Fournier

“In ICE we closed several deals and consolidated our relationship with customers”

(UK, exclusive Pre-shuffled cards, Baccarat Shoe and Dura+ layouts, as well as “Bee” dices, were part of the remarkable product offer that Fournier displayed at recent ICE show. interviewed Javier Berasategui, Director of Exports of the firm, who made a balance of ICE 2012.


ow do you evaluate the participation of Fournier in ICE? 
Very positive. We thoght that this year, with the hard economic situation that Europe is living, the assistance to ICE would be lower. Fortunately, it did not happen. ICE brought many operators. Our sensation was that perhaps there were more visitors than on the previous edition. At a business level, in ICE we were able to close several operations and consolidate our relationship with the customers.

What was the feedback from operators?  
Fournier DNA is comprised by quality, innovation, security and service. It makes customers trust in our products and show more open to new proposals. In recent years we have strenghtened our live gaming bet, offering new solutions to operators. For example, three years ago we launched our "pre-shuffled" cards, that allow top lay more hands, as well as Baccarat Shoe, which brings baccarat game to casinos. Our layouts Dura+ and "Bee" dices have also had a great acceptance because they have the same Fournier characteristics I commented at the beginning.

What business environment could you perceive in Earls Court halls? 
The truth is that the gambling industry seems to have a microclimate. It rains, but not as much as in other sectors. That’s why, although most of the operators acknowleged that the environment was not the most favorable, the predisposition to do business and, above all, to look for some ways of doing business, was more than remarkable.

Which are the following event in which you will assist as exhibitors? 
This year we want to exhibit in SAGSE Buenos Aires and G2E Las Vegas.
What are your expectations for the following ICE edition in ExCel?  
According to what we have seen on the blueprint, it seems traffic will be facilitated, allowing all the visitors to see all the exhibitors. Maybe in Earls Court the layout of the venue left some zones in which there was not much traffic. Besides, if economic expectations are complied, 2012 will mark the beginning of a new growth cycle in Europe, which is supposed to impact the event.

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