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June 22, 2021

Rosa Mateo, Commercial Director of Unidesa Gaming

“There are no frontiers for a good product”

(UK, exclusive During ICE, which took place last week in London’s Earls Court, talked to Rosa Mateo, Commercial Director of Unidesa Gaming, who commented about the products that the firm presented and made an analysis on the performance of the firm in 2011.


hat products have you presented in ICE?
This year we continued presenting the Lucky Player line. The truth is that, in every casino in which we are presenting it, it is having very good results. We have performed the video version, and we have also passed the video version of Caribbean Reef to wheels, so we have expanded two great titles. And now we have them in a double version and both with multil-denomination, free games, bonus, etc. Another product is the Pick a Poker multi chance, which can be played from three to five cards.

Have you presented it exclusively for Europe or for Latin America as well?
We think there are no frontiers for a good products. Evidently, we have special versions, for example, for the Swiss market, which has specifications in the homologation level, but we do it in every jurisdiction. We adapt the product to the jurisdiction in force. We prove the machines before launching them with our big operators, so at the moment, we already know that what we are launching is having a good result.

2011 was a difficult year for Europe. How was it for the company and what are your expectations for 2012? 
Cirsa Group is a conglomerate of companies, so we should have to make an analysis of the group. It is true that Europe is an issue and Spain is a sad reality. Current Spanish situation is a very important subject: some casinos are closing without investments and everything has been reduced. But anyway you have to be there in the market, in the ups and downs.

Economy has different changes of mood, alhough it is a reality, so people is afraid of investing. In a country that is being rescued, as well as Portugal or Spain, people somehow control themselves because they were gambling with their winnings, and now that winnings have been reduced, they do not invest so much. However, you have to be close to the operators in complicated moments for some markets, you have to make easy their work, and you have to prepare kits with changes in games so they can present novelties.

However you had a quite successful year in Latin America...
We are covering a special niche with our reel machines. This way, we are occupying a space in the casinos, our machines have an undoubtful industrial quality and performance, and they are doing well. 

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