International edition
June 23, 2021

Giorgio Abbiatti, CEO of Abbiati Casino Equipment

"We are showing a number of new products, some of them with incremented technology and security features"

(UK, Exclusive Giorgio Abbiatti, CEO of Abbiati Casino Equipment, granted an interview to, in which he spoke about the recent performance of the company at ICE 2012 in London and commented about the products that the firm presented there. He also made a balance of 2011 for the firm and analyzed the European and Asian gaming markets.


hat are you showcasing here in this ICE edition?
We are showing a number of new products, some of them with incremented technology and security features. For example, considering the growth of our Company in Asian market for chips and plaques, a number of security features have been added, including the latest advanced technology holograms and laser traceability. As more and more often the chips are being counterfeit, the casinos which are not using the RFID technology are looking for some alternative security. Especially in Asia, which is one of the most growing areas, a chip is considered valid for three months only after its introduction. After  such period, casinos are starting to expect seeing the counterfeit chips. That’s why casino operators are always looking for new alternative solutions to make their chips as secure as possible. Lately we also introduced plaques with gold filigree, Crystals and Diamonds.

During the show we also announced to our clients that we  obtained ISO 9001:2008 for our management procedures and that we’ve got GLI 25 approval for our live roulette wheel featuring laser technology. Just before G2E last October, we got Nevada Gaming Board approval for our range of chips, plaques and jetons.

How was the show this year for your company?
The show has been very good. We  expected a better show comparing with the last year and the result was really very positive. We have received many important enquiries, which in the near future will hopefully be transformed in orders. People are coming to see us and make purchase decisions. They are ready to place orders for the refurbishment of the casinos or for some new openings. The balance of the show is already very positive.

What is the impact of the European crisis for the company?
Well, the last two or three years have not been an easy period for our company. We are overcoming the European and worldwide crisis. But customers supported us even without many new openings, talking about both, land-based casinos and cruise ships. We were strong supplying casinos with gaming layouts, playing cards and chips and providing our customers with good service and maintenance.

Finally, which is the balance of last year?
The Asian market helped Abbiati a lot, because the European one has still been very quiet. Still there have been few casino cruise ships.  We’ve got some large orders from Asia. One of them was from the Venetian Group in Macau, which has placed a very important order to us. We have also supplied with gaming tables Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. They gave us some indications and technical requirements and we have put together our knowledge to comply with the requirements of the Asian market, which are totally different to the ones in Europe or America.

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