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October 19, 2021

At booth 4045

Eurocoin to showcase new Epicentral Print System from TransAct at ICE

(UK).- Eurocoin will display the new Epicentral Print System from TransAct at booth 4045, in the upcoming ICE show, in London. “There is no doubts that this is a huge step forward, allowing casinos and slot halls to reward their players simply and cost-effectively” Colin Veitch, Director of Eurocoin, said.


he Epicentral Print System is a pioneering software solution that will enable promotional coupons and other messages to be printed to casino guests while they play at slot machines - allowing the casino to communicate directly with the customer to create multiple promotions and incentives to either increase customer time spent on the casino floor or encourage visits to other parts of the casino.

Veitch is very excited about the new product that made its first appearance to the public at G2E in Vegas in 2010, and is already installed in US casino locations. “It is a fantastic concept - not only is it incredibly user friendly - but crucially the system is compatible with all existing slot systems and games. I am looking forward to revealing the new system on the Eurocoin stand at ICE in January and demonstrating how its implementation on a casino floor will initiate more play, increasing revenues and essentially improve customer loyalty”

The new Epicentral Print System connects directly to TransAct’s ServerPort device inside the slot machine and allows a casino to develop internal marketing programs and promotional coupons to be distributed to customers on a real-time basis at a slot machine. Epicentral connects to any existing slot machine, regardless of the game’s manufacturer or the casino’s slot system, as long as the slot machine is equipped with a TransAct Epic 950 printer. Casinos that do not currently have the Epic 950 in their slot machines can easily change out their existing printers and add the Epic 950 and ServerPort – giving them the capability to implement Epicentral.

Once casinos have the software system in place they will have the ability to provide players with special prize draws, real-time promotional coupons and marketing messages, restaurant meals, show tickets and hotel rooms, among many other possibilities. Essentially, the casino will be able to utilise the system to create multiple promotions and incentives to increase customer spend.

The Key Features of Epicentral:

Epicentral Coupon Layout Generator
The process starts with the Epicentral Coupon Layout Generator which allows the casino’s marketing team to easily design and save any number of coupons or promotions to be used later on the slot floor. The system enables the user to import logos or other graphics onto the coupon and to create and embed common barcode types which enable casinos to track who is using their coupons and the effectiveness of these new marketing programs.

Epicentral Server Manager
Once these coupons or promotions are created and saved, they are sent to the Epicentral Server Manager. At this point, the casino decides to which individual slot machine or group of slot machines these coupons or promotions should be sent. The Epicentral Server Manager will be loaded with the location or IP address of every slot machine on the casino floor, allowing the ability of targeted or blanket messages to occur.

TransAct ServerPort
Once completed, the coupons are sent to individual or multiple slot machines by communicating directly to TransAct’s ServerPort device using TCP/IP technology. TransAct’s ServerPort device holds the IP address – instead of the printer – as the device is mounted inside the slot machine. This feature is an advantage for the casinos as it eliminates any new programming or resetting of the IP address if the printer is removed or changed, allowing casinos to tie the IP address to the slot machine.

Epicentral Mobile Host
The Epicentral Mobile Host will allow casino hosts to walk through the casino with an iPad or Smartphone and give coupons directly to players on the casino floor by connecting the smart device either to the Epicentral server manager or directly to TransAct’s ServerPort device located in the slot machine. This provides a new tool for the casino host who will enjoy the convenience of being able to service the customer more effectively. In addition, with the Epicentral Mobile Host, the casino host can enroll a player in an upcoming slot tournament, or devise an abundant number of ways in order to promote to the player.

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