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September 19, 2021

Gianmarco DeZorzi, firm’s Business Development

JVL to showcase second-generation nine-title multi-game video slot terminals at ICE

(UK, exclusive “ICE is a way to re-connect with our global partners,” explained Gianmarco DeZorzi, Business Development, JVL Gaming, in an interview granted to He also spoke about the firm´s expectations for the show and the products that JVL will be showcasing at ICE.


hat are your expectations for the ICE show being held at Earls Court?
Given that JVL has established presence in numerous international markets, ICE gives us an opportunity to re-connect with all of our global partners under one roof.

ICE has proven to be a great forum to also establish new relationships (with a new objective to develop on-line gaming opportunities), and to demo our latest, upgraded hardware/software to an international audience.

Will you launch new products in London?
We will be showcasing our second-generation HD MULTI-GAME VIDEO-SLOT terminals: the ALTERA (upright model) and the ECHO (countertop model). JVL’s proprietary nine-title multi-game board will be shown in both machines, with our two newest titles: MAGIC SCROLL and PIRATE MADNESS. Additionally, we will be revealing, and introducing our Mystery Progressive.

What are the main benefits of the products that you will present?
Our products present: a value proposition that exceeds expectation; continuous innovation through strong engineering; and content that entertains.

JVL conceptualizes, develops, manufactures, and markets casino gaming products for the world (industrial, mechanical, and electronic system architecture - from concept to complete assembly), so the standout “benefits” of our products are focused around those facts.

We control the entire process, without relying on third party resources. This allows us to quality control every facet of each product, and has allowed us to develop hardware platforms, equipment, and games that have been engineered with flexibility, and sensibility in mind.

What are your main markets in Europe? How is the company positioned on this continent?
Italy Comma 6A, Spain Class B, and we have begun testing and looking at opportunities in Eastern Europe.  We are a global company with a footprint in Central, and South America, and our reach will continue to expand.

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