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September 26, 2021

Albert Radman, Alfastreet Executive Sales and Marketing Officer

“We will officially launch our horse derby game at ICE”

(UK, exclusive Albert Radman, Alfastreet Executive Sales and Marketing Officer, granted an interview to in which he talked about the company’s expectations about the upcoming ICE edition. “Despite we have launched several products over the course of past year, we kept something special for the show,” he asserted.


hat are your expectations about the last ICE to be held on Earls Court?
For Alfastreet ICE is always a great show as it gather most of our clients from around the world. I don't think the change of the location will influence the quality of the show in any way.  Except for Asia, because the show is so unfortunately timed that it clashes with Chinese New Year, so we won’t see any Asian visitors. As Asia is currently the only really active gaming market, I believe such mistake shouldn´t be made by the organizer.
Either way, we expect a good attendance as the show is conveniently used to kick off a fresh year of efforts from both, operators and manufacturers.
Will you launch new products in London?
We always leave something for London. Despite we have launched several products over the course of past year, we kept something special for the show. We will officially launch our horse derby game which is already receiving great attention and some major deals already have been sign. We are very fortunate that our customers trust in our brand and our quality so much, that they are not looking for a new product; instead they want to have it as soon as possible.
What are the main benefits of the products that you will present?
The greatest benefit of our new line of products is the flexibility to modify any aspect of the game. The best thing for the operator is that he can choose between an extensive number of games and create different combinations until the perfect formula is found for any floor space in the world. Furthermore we are always adding new games to our multigame palette and we offer these games to our customers completely free.
What are your main markets in Europe? How is positioned the company in this continent?
Our main European markets are through all Eastern Europe where we hold an absolute leadership. We also have a strong presence in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Netherlands and Ireland, and the list goes on. Given the quiet situation in the European gaming market, we are satisfied with the results that we are achieving.
What are your next plans for this region?
Our plan is always and constantly improve and upgrade our products and services. By doing that, we are improving our numbers and we are staying ahead in these ‘tough’ financial times. We invest all our resources in developing products, so we are more than sure about our bright future.

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