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September 27, 2021

Dusan Jevtic, Triple Crown Company VP of the Board

“We prepared brand new electronic roulettes series Mini and Minimum for ICE”

(UK, Exclusive “Triple Crown roulette got GLI license and it is completely ready for the worldwide market now”, said Dusan Jevtic, Triple Crown Company Vice-president of the Board, in an interview with He also talked about his expectations for the upcoming show, the products that the firm will launch and company´s plans for the future.


hat are your expectations about the last ICE to be held on Earls Court?
Triple Crown Company was presented at ICE in the last two years and we are really satisfied with the great positive reactions of audience and casino owners. According to the fact that Triple Crown roulette with three active wheels got GLI license last year and it is completely ready for the worldwide market now, we expect very well reactions of casino owners.  

Will you launch new products in London?
We prepared brand new electronic roulettes series Mini and Minimum for up to four players with small wheel and recognizable design of Karim Rashid, well-known industrial designer.

Beside the innovative and distinctive design of Karim Rashid, there is possibility of choosing how fast ball will be blown into the wheel. The rules for Triple Crown Mini series roulette are the same as rules for classic roulette.

Roulettes Mini and Minimum are very suitable for small clubs and casinos, mostly for entertainment. Also, they are adapted for specific countries where is not allowed playing at larger electronic roulettes with 5 or 8 places.          

What are the main benefits of the products that you will present?
The leading idea of Triple Crown electronic roulette is aimed at improving typical visual image of every casino, providing a complete satisfaction for both players and owners at the same time. Beside of original and innovative design, the main benefit of Triple Crown electronic roulettes whit three active wheels is extended offer of unique games and possibility of playing either a three wheels or a classic single wheel game. Also, it offers better winning options for players and better earnings for organizers in total, because of speeding up the whole game.

Triple Crown Mini and Minimum roulettes provide full utilization of space by its design and possibility of playing on individual play stations.

What are your main markets in Europe? How is positioned the company in this continent?
Main actual markets for Triple Crown Company are countries of SE Europe, but we are present in the Western of Europe too. In this very moment, we are opening our presence at the Dutch market and we expect further success.  

What are your next plans for this region?
The main idea of Triple Crown Company is offering our products worldwide, directly or finding partners for distribution around the World.

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