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October 27, 2021

At at ICE 2012

MEI to exhibit its portfolio of products in London

(UK).- This year at ICE event, MEI will exhibit its full portfolio of products including EASITRAX Soft Count, MEI BNR and SC Advance, which will be available to operators the first half of 2012. The firm will be present at Earls Court Exhibition Center, stand 4060.


C Advance
SC Advance is evolutionary – applying new technology and market knowledge to make a great product even better.  MEI further raises the bar for performance features that directly impact operator profitability: acceptance, jam rate, security and cost of operation. This next generation product will be available to operators the first half of 2012.

Increased value created by SC Advance is highlighted by the following enhancements:

• an improved recognition system, which provides proactive security by utilizing transmissive sensors to see all the way through notes in multiple wavelengths.

• faster bill-to-bill speed, which upgrades the player experience and speeds up transactions to expand throughput.

• expanded memory, which limits part numbers and submissions by allowing more notes to be recognized in a specific release of firmware.

• comprehensive barcode recognition, which processes barcode coupons in all four directions and improves acceptance on multi-width currencies.

• upgrade to USB 2.0, which speeds up communications with the host machine and even potentially expands functionality.

Because the enhancements are localised to the acceptor head, SC Advance can work hand-in-hand with legacy CASHFLOW SC units already in the field.  This capability is facilitated by CASHFLOW STS, intelligent support tools, which are able to sense the product version and provide the appropriate software.  It supports a full range of configuration and software update functions with easy-to-use software and handheld tools, performance management and reporting, and modular product repair.  Additional benefits include fast and easy updates for currency data, configuration data and software.

This is an integrated software/hardware solution that extends the security and acceptance offered by CASHFLOW SC into a casino soft count room. Information collected in the bill validator is now easily accessible in a database that can be networked to multiple locations and accessed to analyze slot performance.

RFID technology is used to connect slot machine asset numbers and bill validator operational information to a specific cashbox.  Accessing data has never been faster, allowing operators to base decisions on several instant reports programmed within the accompanying software: Further benefits include:

•Acceptance rate of what is in the cashbox
•Currency report documents how many bills are in each Cashbox and the percentage of collected denominations over a period of time
•Drop status manages the daily collection of the money and cashboxes
•Jams reports, if they occur, identifying potential problems
•Rejection types defines one of seven categories as to why the bill was rejected
•Version report ensures each bill validator has up-to-date software.
The EASITRAX Soft Count system has been designed to be easily retrofitted to the CASHFLOW SC bill validator.  Building a comprehensive cash management solution is as simple as applying these basic components:
•Placing an antenna board to the CASHFLOW SC interface board
•Applying RFID tags into the cashbox to allow information to be transmitted
•Installing EASITRAX reader bases (up to four) into a soft count room system that includes a USB hub and a computer
•Installing software that creates a SQL database and loads available reports.

The MEI BNR is a proven product in change machines. Its design – featuring a cashbox, loader and 4-denonimation recycling – provide the necessary capacity to improve uptime while meeting daily cash dispensing requirements. This unique architecture is cost efficient; replacing multiple accept and dispense components and improves operating efficiencies.  Its proven performance continues to drive increased demand. Today, they are over 5,000 units performing reliably in the field.

The gaming market benefits from all of the inherent advantages of note recycling. At the end of the day, properly equipped recycling both improves the player experience and reduces costs. It positively impacts both sides of the ledger. Operators benefit from reduced labour, float and shrink costs while creating an environment that drives more revenue from increased player loyalty.

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