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September 22, 2021

Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of Abbiati Casino Equipment

“Abbiati will introduce in ICE its biggest line of new an updated products”

(UK, Exclusive A few days before the start of ICE show, interviewed Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of Abbiati Casino Equipment, who talked about the expectations of the company for ICE 2012 and about the new products that the firm will be displaying there. He also talked about the importance of the European markets and the future plans for Abbiati in the region.


hat are your expectations about ICE 2012?
ICE show in London is the most important exhibition for Abbiati Casino Equipment. The majority of our customers are coming to London to meet us personaly, to discuss the business opportunities and to be introduced to our latest products.

During ICE, Abbiati will be introducing the biggest line of new an updated products. A large number of our staff is going to be present during this show, so we can make sure all customers are going to be introduced to our company and the product line in a proper way.

Will your firm launch new products in London? What are the main benefits of the products that you will present?
Following continuous requests received from our clients for RFID applications during the last year, Abbiati Casino Equipment once again will display its line of Chips, Jetons and Plaques with incorporated RFID technology. In addition to RFID, the firm has recently introduced new security features in all its Chips, Plaques and Jetons, which enhance the product and increases security. The security of Chips, Plaques and Jetons has always been a key element for our company and we are always in research of new materials and technologies to make our products safer against counterfeiting.

The show attendees will have an opportunity to see a new customized Bean Shape Baccarat table, which is of the same style as the recently ordered by Marina Bay Sands in Singapore for one of their prestigious VIP rooms. The tables designed by Abbiati for their Singaporean customer were manufactured using a unique new composite material. During the show, visitors will be able to see a large range of the new composite materials in different colours and styles, which was a big success during G2E Las Vegas show.

At the ICE show, Abbiati Casino Equipment is going to exhibit a number of their Laser Wheels (patented) and especially at this show the company is going to introduce to the customers  the new Laser Wheel with an upgraded invisible Laser Technology Class 1A security.

As every year, Abbiati will display a large range of products and a number of Live Gaming tables of various styles and configurations, a selection of Winning Number Displays, a new line of layouts, and these are just few to name.

What are your main markets in Europe? How is the company positioned in this continent?
Europe is the main area for Abbiati Company, and we are present is almost every country, where legal and licensed Casinos and Poker Clubs are present, including live and online Casino operators. Considering that the most important sea ports are based in Europe, Cruise Ships also make an important part of our market.

What are your future plans for this region?
To expand to new markets will be one of our goals for 2012, but to develop relationships with the existing European clients will also be one of the company’s priorities.

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