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June 22, 2021

Yeshua Martínez Sigala, Director of Amusgo Group

“We will increase the gaming variety for the market in 2012”

(Mexico, exclusive Amusgo will keep on investing on the development of innovative equipment, assured Yeshua Martínez Sigala, Director of Amusgo Group, in an interview granted to The executive analyzed which is the position of the most important Latin American markets facing 2012.


hich is the balance you can make of this year?
The continuous progress we started this year was very encouraging, because it positioned the company in the Mexican market with our innovative products. Amusgo signed important joint ventures that have enabled to increase the machine offer in the market, to have a more extensive range of products and games. The last quarter of the year has been out of the plan and political reach of the company, and has given rise to a temporary change, difficult to face. However, the conditions that the Mexican government is enforcing the industry to comply, will be more transparent and stable.

How have you seen the gaming industry in general, in a year in which the economic crisis affected different international markets?
The recent and prolinged economic crisis has affected the gaming industry and, besides, the people, because, the less economic resources people have, the less money people uses for entertainment. On top of that, the crisis has also harmed the industry, which has led to the stagnation of the variable growth of the gaming industry and has decreased. However, the firm continues looking for ways to innovate with the aim to keep the market interested, so this year, specially, more new products have been seen, which have modernized the industry.

Which has been, in your opinion, the most important novelty of the year?
Unfortunately, the most remarkable news has been which has occured in Monterrey. Amusgo joins the 52 families in their sorrow, as well as the hundreds of people affected by this unfortunate act for Mexico as a country and specially for the gaming industry.

Which has been, in your view, the most innovative product or service launched this year?
The multi-gaming world has today a new live version of a multi-game bingo with the arrival of  BingoSan, a machine developed by Amusgo/Juno Gaming. Its version of the bingo game in the Brazilian style but robotized offers 9 stations in its basic version or for more players, with a possible expansion of up to 500 stations in a satellite alignment bring a more real version of the bingo game, with the security and confidence of playing online. Each player has the chance to participate with a cardboard, a series or up to 16 series in each play.

Which are the plans of the company for 2012?
With the aim to cover the different tastes of our customers, the company, experienced in the national and international markets, will continue investing on the development of innovative equipments. It has motivated us to sign alliances with top slot companies at a worldwide level, with the brands  Amusgo, Amatic and EGT. Keepoing our point at the Forefront of the multigame world, we will re introduce the multi-game dices with the specifications required by the Mexican regulations and so bringing them back to the gambling venues where they already operated them.  Last but not least, the alliance Amusgo/Juno Gaming from Japan gives birth to a new automated multi-gaming bingo machine, with one cardboard, a series or multiple series (16) in each play, incorporating the emotion of up to 15 extra balls in each play. With this, we will increase the variety of games for the market in 2012.

How do you see 2012 for the gaming industry in general? Will it be similar to 2011? Do you think there will be a growth in the activity?
The gaming industry is not analyzed in 1-year periods, but has to be analyzed in a 5 to 10 year period, because the activity is not repeated constantly because it depends on political and development variables. Perspectives for 2012 talk about a growing industry that Little by Little expands markets in different parts of the world.  Asia is looking to North America for new projects, Venezuela and Ecuador are being closed with significant and devastating changes for the industry. Spain, in its continuous crisis, keeps on investing and there are new and very promising plans for 2014. The industry enters in different places to search for customers via Internet in a more transparent way in several jurisdictions that were forbidden before. Many people hope Brazil will one day legíslate and regulate gaming, for the benefit of Brazilian citizens. In Mexico, and due to new regulations, the growth will depend on the incorporation of authorized licenses, as well as the operation of existing licenses, and an analysis has to be made within 10 years, to see the effects of those changes.

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