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September 16, 2021

Avron Goss, firm’s Director

“BetStone invests in the future to bring operators leading edge technology and gaming solutions”

(Ireland).- Getting closer to the end of the year, Avron Goss, Director of BetStone, reviews some of the most important developments of the company and promises more novelties in the near future. “We create value for our customers through innovation with some of the most compelling content, user-friendly systems and tools for our casino operators.”


etStone delivers leading Server-Based Gaming content and software to the gaming industry globally and has been delivering value to its customers with its Cloud based solutions for nearly a decade. 

“BetStone’s intelligence software, XGS System, ensures efficient floor running, through access to precise machine and game play information. With remote analysis tools, data can be processed and assessed as game play happens, providing the power to control operations for maximum performance.”

“Our Cloud based management software provides access to real time information from any location at any time which we have been offering to our customers for many years - 2011 saw a major upgrade and deployment of XGS System with enhanced features which are now wholly accessible via the cloud,” Goss said.

BetStone now has the capability to bring cost effective solutions not only to large casinos but also to route operators. Full player and machine management any time and any where is a reality.

“With Cloud based solutions and a library of over 140 games, BetStone has created value in content that surpasses traditional gaming solutions. When players are walking the casino floor, the diversity and strength of BetStone’s game portfolio is attractive and compelling, drawing in and maintaining a strong base. Game play can then be expanded to online and mobile through the use of our channel partners.”

As BetStone continues to innovate in R&D, “we lead the way in the use of new technologies that allow more personalization and interaction with the game, reaching out to players via multiple channels.   

Slot vendors are multi-purposed, in that they are not just content creators, but also hardware providers and quite often, financing partners. Traditional IT software models are not directly relevant to the gaming industry. Nonetheless, some of the lessons from the technology industry probably apply here, such as more emphasis on standards, differentiation of content over hardware, and more third-party developers to drive content innovation.”

Video poker has always been popular in locals markets, and BetStone has some strong variations on the poker theme. Company’s selection includes standard, power poker and level-up. Some are old favourites such as Jacks or Better along with some more interesting versions such as Double Joker Poker. And Power Poker range allows multiple hands to be played in a number of different variations. This ranges from four hands to the remarkable 100 Power Poker.

Bingo is also extremely popular in some markets, such as Class II and some Latin American countries. “BetStone has an extremely competitive set of bingo-based games, and we continue to launch new titles on a regular release schedule.”

Regarding novelties for the near future, Goss said that “BetStone has an aggressive release schedule for deploying both our content and our management software, XGS System to Operators over the coming months.”

“With new regulations being introduced in many markets, we expect the gaming industry to experience increased growth in the coming year. Given this, choosing BetStone as your gaming partner ensures your business is future proof. BetStone invests in the future to bring you leading edge technology and gaming solutions, which is why BetStone is the preferred partner of choice for operators.”

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