“We had a series of events and novelties that have led us to reach an unprecedented success” | Yogonet International
Jessica Luna, Director of Sales of Spielo International for Latin America

“We had a series of events and novelties that have led us to reach an unprecedented success”

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(Peru, exclusive Yogonet.com).- This 2011 marked the birth of Spielo International, the new brand that represents the integration of Atronic and Spielo. In this interview, Jessica Luna, Director of Sales for Latin America, revises the main points for the company and analyzes the near future of the industry. “We are a company that has always been committed to its customers, and we have worked hard to occupy the place we currently have in the market,” she stated.

What balance can you make of this 2011?
This year we had a series of events and novelties which have led us to reach an unprecedented success. In fact, this new chapter started at the end of 2010 with the launching of the new Oxygen platform in SAGSE. This product has reached amazing results of performance together with multi-level progressives such as Hot & Wild and Doggie Cash on E2, which have enabled us to close 2011 with a sales volumen which doubled the forecast considered for this year, which was pretty ambicious by itself. This has been, no doubt, the year with more growth and consolidation, but based in a coordinated and solid work in previous years. We are a company that has always been committed to its customers, and we have worked hard to occupy the place we currently have in the market.

How have you seen the gaming industry in general in a year with an economic crisis that affected different international markets?
The effect of the economic crisis is no doubt felt in an industry like this. We have experimented a decrease in incomes of up to 30% in several jurisdictions. Fortunately, it did not happen with our products, which maintained a high performance above the average of the gaming venue. However, we cannot be unaware of the fact that it has been a difficult year, even more complicated due to the restriction in tobacco consumption up to 100% in many places. However, we are sure that the industry will improve and the effect of the crisis will be reducing gradually. We don’t know if it will recover the same level of performance it had before the crisis, but there will be an important recovery.

Which was, in your view, the most important novelty of the year?
The rebranding of Atronic by Spielo International. It is not just a change of name, but the confirmation of more commitment with our customers, a robust policy oriented to the product, a larger network of global services added to the high-quality customer service we had been already offering. It is an important growth of our organization which means better conditions and business opportunities for our customers.

Which was, in your opinion, the most innovative product or service launched this year?
It has not been a year with multiple releases, as in previous opportunities. Although there have been very interesting novelties from the technological point of view, they have not had commercial success in the games of chance industry. In our scenario, the most important thing has been the launch of diversity, our multigame in Oxygen cabinet, the same that has a high production and a great consistency in the market, with 6 game suites to date in its portfolio. And with regards to the Oxygen platform, we will have more novelties in 2012, with important releases in the line of multilevel multigame progressives.

Which are the plans of your company for 2012?
2011 has been a year of growth and expansion of the brand in the market percentage. 2012 is presented as a year of confirmation and consolidation of that growth, in which we are focused to reach a greater level of market share, consolidate our presence in other new markets and reaffirm the leadership in all those markets in which we already have the first place.

How do you see 2012 for the gaming industry in general? Will it be similar to 2011? Do you think there will be a growth in the activity?
It is hard to predict, due to a series of factors that are external to the industry, and macroeconomic factors that do not dependo on the industry itself. It is supposed that the European crisis will be controlled and that its effect will not reach Latin America, or if so, it will have a minimum effect. But we cannot say anything until we can see how will the first months of the year be. However, our commercial intuition tell us that there will be a growth and a very important commercial activity, because it is a year of technological innovation for many of the big operators. The public always demands novelties and improvements in gambling venues and casinso, and both operators and manufacturers are forced to satisfy this demand. That’s why we estímate that, although there are times of crisis, the industry will continue growing.

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