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June 25, 2021

Wing Lei has received this award for the third year in a row

Wynn Macau receives the prestigious 2012 Michelin Awards

(Macau).- For the first time, Wing Lei has received two Michelin stars, and Golden Flower, which opened just last year, also received its first Michelin star. Only seven restaurants were awarded Michelin stars in Macau, and two restaurants reside at Wynn Macau.


We are extremely honored to have achieved these significant firsts," said Ian Michael Coughlan, President of Wynn Macau. "Michelin has given two stars to Wing Lei and Golden Flower is now the proud recipient of its first star. We are thrilled that Executive Chef Peter Chan of Wing Lei and Master Chef Liu Guo Zhu of Golden Flower are being recognized for their exceptional culinary talents."

At Wing Lei, Chef Chan is renowned for creating Cantonese dishes with flair and innovation. He devotes significant time to nurturing the considerable skills of his passionate and committed team. This marks the third consecutive year in which Wing Lei has received the coveted Michelin award.

Master Chef Liu’s illustrious career spans more than four decades. He has prepared his renowned cuisine for dignitaries including Her Royal Highness the Queen of England, Chinese Leader Deng Xiaoping and U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Master Chef Liu has mentored hundreds of young Chinese chefs, teaching them time-honored recipes for Tan, Lu, and Sichuan cuisines. At Golden Flower, Master Chef Liu and his seven culinary disciples give diners a rare chance to experience authentic Tan cuisine, an exclusive culinary tradition from the Qing Dynasty.

The Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2012 awarded 69 establishments in Hong Kong and Macau with one Michelin star and above. Michelin has defined five criteria for awarding stars: the quality of the ingredients, the flair and skill in preparing them and combining flavors, the chef’s personality as revealed through the cuisine, value for money and the consistency of culinary standards. Stars reflect "what’s on the plate and only what’s on the plate."

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