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September 24, 2021

Shows a recent survey done by UGC

UK: Remote gambling growing in popularity

(UK).- According to a poll recently done by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UGC), the popularity associated with remote gambling continue to be on the rise. Remote gambling includes personal computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets.


he online casino industry has especially taken note of the increased use of smart phones for mobile gambling purposes. Research from Ofcom showed that numerous consumers in the United Kingdom are spending approximately half of their time away using communication devices, especially smart phones.

However, one of the problems the United Kingdom is facing is that most of the online casino companies that offer mobile gambling are licensed and located offshore. Often, this is done for tax-related purposes. Unfortunately, the United Kingdom is not ready to revise any of their tax laws.

With the widespread availability of devices that are internet-ready, the government in the United Kingdom is extremely worried about irresponsible gambling. The Minister of Tourism and Heritage, John Penrose, recently announced new plans to combat the irresponsibleness. His proposal is aimed at protecting the public from a possible gambling addiction by requiring that all online gambling companies have a license in order to be able to operate in the United Kingdom, no matter where they are located.

Penrose said that the system that is currently in place to regulate remote gambling does not work as operators overseas are provided an unfair advantage over companies based in the United Kingdom. The British consumers end up having little, if any, protection based on where the online casino operator is located.

The goal is to have these offshore websites get a license from the UGC. This would create a level playing field for every single online gambling operator. However, before the UGC is able to do this, they may have to think about revising their tax and trading laws so it will be attractive for these offshore operators to get a license.

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