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June 21, 2021

Jerry Liu, President of Hong Yen Technologics

“Reaching the international market is our main target in the future”

(UK, exclusive Jerry Liu, President of Hong Yen Technologics, talked with about the future participation of the firm at London’s ICE Totally Gaming, where it will present gaming equipment and components. “Upgrading to the international level along with price positioning and skillful assembly solutions is our goal in the future”, he commented.


hat opportunities does ICE Totally Gaming represent for Hong Yen Technologics?
As the largest gaming exhibition of the world, ICE Totally Gaming represents the opportunities of meeting more guests, exhibitors and updating the trends for us.  In this venue, people from all around the globe get together, have fun and talk about the business.  We could simply offer greetings to new friends, or head for coffee and exchange some ideas and news officially.  We have been waiting in the shadow for our days.  So this is it, all is done.  HYT is able to show everyone what she got—gaming equipment and components.  Being a part of the show is the most exciting thing ever. We hope to create great memories and fulfill company’s goals here in London.

What products will you present in London? What are their main benefits?
Three series in total we will proudly present in the show: the classical Upright series (AHY00 19”, AHY01 19”, AHY15 22”, AHY04 22”), the delicate Slant Top series (AWA, AWA01 22”), and the latest Mini Bar series (AHY09-01 17”, AHY09-15 19”).   First of all, high-quality chrome-plated upright slot cabinet is suitable for those who ask for the style of luxury.  Second, the slant top cabinet is well known with good looking, high security and solid structure.  Now it is available for customer’s needs from 19'' to 26'' LCD monitors.  Lastly, mini bar is now popular in South America due to its low cost and slim size.  Mostly this style of cabinet is not available for bill in function, but ours do not only offer Bill In function, but also is compatible with JCM UBA and MEi Cashflow validator to ensure the best satisfaction.

What are the main objectives that you are planning to achieve at the show?
22-inch dual monitor machines (with edgy curve style) and bar top machines are two new forces of the cabinet market.  Taking advantage of them, we just can’t wait to kick off the exhibition. We will display our products, answer to the questions and transfer our clients with all the production mottos. We can only survive by selling more machines, so this is what we do.  By posting Ads on Intergaming Magazine, by the network of business friendship, we can achieve the goal—but how about joining the biggest show ever?  It’s crazily exhilarating.

HYT is planning to attend to G2E Las Vegas and Macau as well, how important are these two markets for the company? Will it be your first time as exhibitor in these events?
Since 2008, we have joined G2E Asia, and it was an unforgettable memory. Macau, one of the most affluent cities in the world, certainly provide us with great chances to explore the market.  Based upon booming tourism, it has first-rank hotels and casinos. And casinos happen to be our middlename.  Doubtless it goes the same for G2E Las Vegas as well. This year we exhibited there for the first time, and Sin City blew us away from head to toe.  There is no one but thinks of these two places, when it comes to gaming industry.  We cannot overemphasize their importance accordingly.

What markets are your main target?
On the whole, our main customers are from Europe, and we share good business relationships.  However, we would like to expand our brand to the world; in order to do so, there are some contact persons in Asia and U.S.A who will search for more opportunities for both of us.  We never stop better our faculty and facilitiy, such as the updated Chinese version of our website for more Asian customers.  Besides, Indian Gaming 2012 is our second shot next year in San Diego, CA, U.S.A.  We expect to get access to and contact with tribal decision makers and tribal management.  In a nutshell, stepping forward to the international market would be our main target in the future.

What does differentiate HYT from the competition?
HYT is always your first choice of cabinet makers, because we are simply the best.  We have top casino equipment R&D and production ability, as well as overall processing ability from metal to surface finishes.  Skillful technicians are at your service.  There are two design teams in China and Europe.  Our concept of industrial design is expressed by Autodesk Inventor.  It’s an average industrial design software.  For ID drawing, it promises that what you see is what you get, so customers don’t need to worry about the exaggerating effect.  During the production level, the drawing is as a result well practical.  That’s why our products are irreplaceable.  In addition, our marketability is for high-end or second-tier customers.

What are the firm’s goals for the upcoming 2012?
In the years to come, price will still be the key features, because cost is one of the most important concerns regarding manufacturing industry.  There should be either concise or luxurious way for us to decide the appearance of slot cabinets. The concise one might not be so tempting to the eyes, but the basic functions still ensure overall using experiences.  On the other hand, luxurious machines are potent, which definitely prevail in any casinos.  Moreover, with top software and hardware, we have been planning to come up with the slot machine assembly service.  It will maximize our producing capacity and values to the customers.  That is, upgrading to the international level along with price positioning and skillful assembly solutions is our goal in the future.

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