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October 25, 2021

This week, at stand 252, Pavilion 1

Eurocoin to launch new lockable cashbox for the MD-100 Recycler at ENADA, Rome

(Italy).- Eurocoin will be launching the new lockable 400-capacity note stacker for the Merkur MD-100 bank note recycler at ENADA Rome, to take place October 12-14. Its Director Colin Veitch believes it will be an immediate success for the many Italian clients using the Merkur unit.


he new lockable cash box is fitted with 3 locks, and snaps shut as the unit is withdrawn from the MD-100, sealing in all banknotes completely securely.

The Merkur Recycler is already extensively used in the change machine sector in Italy and in the past two years, thousands of Merkur MD-100 recyclers have been built into Italian change givers. Their ability to pay out 3 different bank note denominations as well as provide coins for machine play has had a very positive impact on revenue.

Players are now able to change higher denomination notes in exchange for a return of coins for play and lower value notes as change. “Effectively, the Merkur MD-100 ensures that players having only a high value banknote are not deterred from play” explained Eurocoin Commercial Manager, Maria Rosaria Parisi.

A 600 capacity lockable stacker is planned for release by the end of the year - both units allow the stacker to be removed in a sealed condition, and transported securely to a count-room, without any risk of theft of bank notes. More importantly, the lockable stacker can be retrofitted to any of the many thousands of MD-100 already operating in Europe.

Eurocoin will be present at stand 252, Pavilion 1.

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