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September 18, 2021

However, the developers vowed to press ahead with their plans

Irish government bids to tax online gambling and ban super-casinos

(Ireland).- Taxing online gambling and a crackdown on unregulated clubs are planned as the Irish government attempts to raise money and protect addicts. The moves come as it was revealed there has been a 30% rise in gamblers seeking help.


ut an overhaul of gambling laws would spell the end for the planned 460 million euros super-casino in Tipperary, with the development of Las Vegas-style resorts being ruled out. However, the developers vowed to press ahead with their plans.

Businessman Richard Quirke, the main backer of the venue, said he would examine plans without a casino or with a smaller one.

Proposals to modernise the gambling industry include: Allowing a limited number of moderate-sized casinos, checking and assessing the history and finances of gambling promoters, banning large gambling resorts over fears of attracting "undesirable" elements.
It also includes: prohibiting fixed-odds betting terminals, closing loopholes for online gambling, including setting taxes and charging a levy for help and education services.

Departments are also examining changes to taxes that could yield up to 100 million euros annually from online gambling and betting shops. But laws are unlikely to be drafted until next year.

Dublin’s Rutland Centre warned it had seen a 30% rise in people presenting for help with gambling.

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